Precise Pet Products launches holistic dog and cat food formulas

We are excited to share with you all of the details on our new holistic line of dog and cat food formulas, Precise Holistic Complete. It’s made right here in the U.S., and features several formulations for cats and dogs of all life stages. It even has unique-to-Precise ingredients and bag features.

To learn more about the new line, you can read the full announcement below. Also, if you’re a retailer or distributor, we’ll be at SuperZoo Sept. 14-16 in booth #2523 to talk more about this new formulation. Want to feed your pet Precise Holistic Complete? Look for it on shelves in October.


America Based Manufacturer Announces Precise Holistic Complete

Nacogdoches, Texas – August 31, 2010 –Precise Pet Products has provided pet owners with pet food formulas featuring all-natural ingredients produced from U.S. and New Zealand sources for almost 20 years. The company, a brand division of Texas Farm Products Company, is excited to debut Precise Holistic Complete, a new line of holistic dog and cat food formulas at this year’s SuperZoo pet show.

The Precise Holistic Complete line has several one-of-a-kind features and ingredients. The formulas feature sustainable DHAgold® omega-3s to support cognitive learning, and probiotic Bacillus coagulans to aid digestion. In addition, the new line’s bags will feature side handles for easier carrying and pouring, and slide-closure tops.

“We realize that our animals depend on their owners to make the best food choices for them,” said Kirk Young, executive vice president of Precise Pet Products. “As a result, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our food formulas while maintaining the highest standards in food preparation and providing superior ingredients.”

Precise Holistic Complete introduces the following new formulas for canines:

  • Wild at Heart Flight Line – Duck and Turkey: For all life stages, this tasty, high-quality formula has herbal ingredients, nutritious fruits and vegetables and probiotics. In addition, it features flavors dogs love best – rich duck and turkey that contain high-quality proteins.
  • Wild at Heart River Line – Salmon: Designed for all life stages, this formula features the high-quality proteins found in salmon, in addition to nutritious fruits and vegetables and probiotics to help dogs stay healthy.
  • Large and Giant Breed Puppy: Designed for puppies that will reach 50 pounds or more as adults, this formula features triple-meat protein sources for solid muscles and optimum levels of calcium and phosphorus. This formula has fewer calories so puppies don’t gain too much weight before their bones are ready to support them.
  • Large and Giant Breed Adult: This formula features triple-meat proteins, which help maintain solid muscle for mature dogs weighing 50 pounds or more.  Additionally, its calcium and phosphorus levels are adjusted for dogs that have reached their full sizes.
  • Senior: This formula features normal adult protein and moderate fat levels that provide energy for older dogs to exercise, play, and remain healthy well into their golden years.

Precise Holistic Complete will also feature the following new formula for felines:

  • Wild at Heart River Line – Salmon: This formula features the high-quality proteins found in salmon as well as herbal ingredients, nutritious fruits and vegetables, probiotics, and more for cats to thrive throughout their lifetimes.

Along with its new holistic pet food line, Precise Pet Products launched an updated website for pet care information at The company will also engage with customers and retailers with a new blog, Facebook page and Twitter account:

To learn more about Precise Pet Products and the new Precise Holistic Complete line, visit or call toll-free at 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247).

About Precise Pet Products

Precise Pet Products, a part of Texas Farm Products Company, is an American-based manufacturer and supplier of canine and feline foods made from all-natural ingredients produced mostly from U.S. sources.  Located in Nacogdoches, Texas, Precise Pet Products provides pet foods that are safe and nutritious.  Using the latest in technology and testing capabilities, Precise Pet Products boasts a history of responsible pet food products.  For more information, please visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247).

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16 responses to “Precise Pet Products launches holistic dog and cat food formulas”

  1. Barb Myers says:

    When will this new line be available…..I see a lot about it on Linda’s site but no availatility date…..I want to change my 8 yr old dane to the new Senior and have a new Great Dane puppy coming and want to start him on the holistic from the start……Thanks

    • Hey Barb – glad to see you here! Precise Holistic Complete should be on shelves by October. We’ll be at SuperZoo mid-September to meet with retailers and distributors. We’ll also keep everyone up to date here on the blog. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. Trish says:

    We’ll have to try Precise Holistic, when it’s available in October. Right now, we feed our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel the Precise Plus food. He loves it and people constantly comment on his beautiful coat. I was wondering, how many calories are in a one-cup serving of Precise Plus? I couldn’t find this information on your website. Again, thanks for making such great products. As pet parents, we truly appreciate it!

    • Trish – great to hear from you! We’re so glad to hear that your dog loves Precise Plus, and we’re excited to have Precise Holistic Complete as another great option for you and your pet. I’ll look into that calorie count for you and report back!

    • Hey Trish – sorry for the delay. I spoke with our on-staff vet Dr. Lisa Drapela, and she was wondering what formula you mean, Precise Plus Puppy, Precise Plus Adult or Precise Plus Lamb Meal and Sweet Potato?

  3. Trish says:

    Any news on the calorie count for a one cup serving of Precise Plus food?

  4. Trish says:

    Thanks – it’s Precise Plus Adult chicken.

  5. Tyler Bloss says:

    Great web site, i’m keen on it!

  6. Trish says:

    Thanks for the follow-up. Final question: what is the calorie count for a cup of Precise Holistic Complete Salmon?

  7. Jess Redman says:

    Hi Trish- we’ve updated our website with the calorie information! You can view the various formulations on the website – but here you go for the Precise Holistic Complete Salmon: 415.61 kcal/cup.

  8. Trish says:

    Okay – perfect. Can’t thank you enough!

  9. Ashley F says:

    I have a new great Dane puppy and am not sure what to feed. Your large breed adult or large breed puppy formula? Also have 2 adult Danes,age two. Should they get canine adult or large breed adult?

    I really am confused about not giving puppy formula to Danes if the protein level is 23-24%…

  10. Sally Sutton says:

    In light of the recalls at Diamond Pet foods, I am so happy that I have used Precise. The store where I purchased it has said that your company has never had a recall. Is this true? I may be getting a puppy and I am interested in your holistic line. I have used Precise Plus for years with great results. Do you use human grade food in all of your lines. Thanks.

  11. Hi Sally! We’re happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed feeding your pets Precise and have had great results! As a manufacturer of the highest quality pet foods, we take pride in knowing our food is a great and healthy source of nutrition for dogs and cats. With this said, Precise Pet Products dog and cat foods have never been involved in a recall and are made with the highest standard of ingredients.

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