Recap of the Meet The Great Dane Lady Luncheon

You may recall seeing our post about our Meet The Great Dane Lady Luncheon in Ocala, Fla. Local breeders met with Linda Arndt, The Great Dane Lady, and Linda Greeson, of Sweet Spot English Mastiffs, for an informal discussion about breeding practices.

The Great Dane Lady, Linda Arndt, shares her thoughts on the experience:

“It was a great afternoon talking about the trials and tribulation of being a responsible dog breeder and exhibitor, and the importance of improving and preserving the breeds we love. I was honored to be able to spend an afternoon with one of the best Mastiff breeders in the country, Linda Greeson, and her fellow breeders to share information and experiences from the Ocala, Fla. area.

We shared some great stories and discussed the roll that quality nutrition plays in developing healthy, sound and long lived dogs. Without a food like the Precise Holistic Complete line up, we will not have the soundness or wellness needed in our stock to be successful in the whelping box or the show ring”

We had a great turn out! Thanks to everyone who joined us, and we’ll do it again very soon!

Ron Pierle is the Southeast territory sales manager at Precise Pet, and can be reached at See a photo of Ron and his cat Nala in our Pet Zone image gallery.

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Precise Pet Products Launches New Holistic Formulas

Nacogdoches, Texas After launching Precise Holistic Complete in fall 2010, Precise Pet Products, a brand division of Texas Farm Products Company, is pleased to expand the multiple healthy and holistic options for pets to include a new flavor for cats and new formulas designed specifically for small and medium breed dogs.

Continuing in the Precise Holistic Complete tradition, the new formulas feature superior nutritional ingredients and innovative human-grade supplements designed to promote health, happiness and harmony in dogs and cats. Each formula contains Precise’s Life Circle Essentials, which include real meat, prebiotics and probiotics, cell protectors, balanced omegas, herbals, botanicals, beneficial supplements, and natural antioxidants.

“Expanding the Precise Holistic Complete line shows our commitment to providing superior ingredients and healthy options for pets,” said Kirk Young, executive vice president of Precise Pet Products. “At Precise, we are constantly working to develop innovative solutions to healthy eating for all canines and felines.”

Precise Holistic Complete will introduce the following dry food formulas for canines:

  • Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula: Designed for puppies up to 12 months, this formula features DHAgold®, which ensures high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids designed to promote brain and cognitive development during this important life stage. Additionally, this tasty, high-quality formula has herbal ingredients, nutritious fruits and vegetables, and probiotics.
  • Small & Medium Breed Adult Formula: For moderately active adult dogs, this formula features L-Carnitine for increased energy and stamina. L-Carnitine helps metabolize food into energy and improves resistance to muscle fatigue. The Small & Medium Breed Adult formula also contains the Life Circle Essentials found in every bag of Precise Holistic Complete.

Precise Holistic Complete introduces the following dry food formula for felines:

  • Adult Chicken Formula: Designed for all life stages, cats and kittens will love the savory taste of real human-grade chicken meat. The nutritious fruits and vegetables as well as probiotics found in this formula promote a healthy immune system to keep pets happy, healthy and safe.

Precise Holistic Complete is packaged in convenient, resealable bags designed for easy use and maximum freshness. The formulas are available in 6, 15 and 30-pound bags for canines and 3, 6 and 15-pound bags for felines.

To learn more about Precise Pet Products and the Precise Holistic Complete line, visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247). Also, connect with Precise Pet Products on Facebook at and Twitter by following @PrecisePet.

About Precise Pet Products

Precise Pet Products, a part of Texas Farm Products Company, is an American-based manufacturer and supplier of canine and feline foods made from all-natural ingredients produced mostly from U.S. sources. Located in Nacogdoches, Texas, Precise Pet Products provides pet foods that are safe and nutritious. Using the latest in technology and testing capabilities, Precise Pet Products boasts a history of responsible pet food products. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247).

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Mailbag: Discontinued formula, Precise Plus Large Adult

Each month, Marnee White, who knows Precise like the back of her hand, will answer questions we get through our customer service e-mails and phone calls.

Q: Now that the Precise Plus Large Adult formula is discontinued, what formula should I switch to?

A: Our new Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Adult formula has replaced the Precise Plus Large Adult formula. Find it at your favorite Precise-carrying retailer!

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Ask Our Vet: Bad cat breath

Q: I just started feeding my adult Blue Point Siamese cat the Precise hairball formula last week. First, let me say that he LOVES IT. He’s never been very excited about his food, and I was shocked at how he gobbled it up. I switched foods for his health, but also because he has horrible breath!  He is five years old. Do you have any suggestions for bad cat breath?

A: I am so glad your cat loves our food. Bad cat breath, or feline halitosis as it is officially called, can have several causes. These really need to be checked by your veterinarian. It may be that plaque and tartar have built up on your cat’s teeth, and this may require a dental cleaning, much the same way it is done in human dentist offices.

There are some metabolic diseases that can contribute to the halitosis so your veterinarian may want to do some routine blood work to rule those out also. Call your veterinarian for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Lisa Drapela is on-hand to answer questions about your dog or cat’s health. Whether you’re wondering about the best Precise formula or just have a general health question, visit the Ask Our Vet section here on the website to connect directly with Dr. Drapela. We’ll feature some of her answers here on the blog.

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Global Pet Expo was a Success!

The Global Pet Expo, held March 16-18, proved to be the most successful show in Precise history. Our booth was overflowing with retail stores and distributors writing orders and putting our new plan-ograms in place. Store sets of 4 feet, 8 feet and even 12 feet were written in those three days. Why? Everyone realizes the importance of working with a family owned company, dedicated to independent pet stores that “actually manufactures pet food.”

We heard this over and over. The stores want food made in the U.S. where the brand controls formulation, ingredient sourcing (we use only single sourced for quality optimal quality assurance), processing and delivery. At Precise, we ensure all of these steps and more. With many brands leaving the independent stores for the big box stores, we know from history that those brand sales diminish in the smaller stores. Many times those companies say it will help overall. Well after 26 years of hearing that non-sense, we know how important loyalty is, why would grocery store brands be growing radically right now if that was not true?

Holistic, natural, and traditional pet stores as well as feed stores are now turning to Precise. We are the right brand, at the right time, with the right prices to provide solid American made pet food to stores we simply love and want to do business with. After all, we are not equity owned or corporate owned, we are family owned for over 80 years, and proud….Precise!

We love the bright green bags of Precise Holistic Complete:


Doesn’t our park bench look cozy? Yes, our booth had fake grass!

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Quality Time: Chicken fat

Mike Compton is vice president of operations at Precise’s parent company, Texas Farm Products Company, and is responsible for the operations, quality assurance and nutritional content of our pet food. Each month on the blog, he shares how we keep our pet food safe and healthy. Read past Quality Time blog posts here.

After sharing information on our salmonella testing, new packaging machines and shift tests, I’m back this month with an overview of our chicken fat tests.

Chicken fat has essential fatty acid levels to improve your pet’s skin and coat. Chicken fat is also a healthy source of energy.

Here’s a photo of a chicken fat sample:

To prevent rancidity, we perform these quality checks on our chicken fat samples:

  • Free fatty acids
  • Peroxides
  • Percentage of fines
  • Color
  • Temperature
  • Odor

Here is a photo of the the free fatty acid test being done:

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Great Dane Lady Approved: Safe pet food transitions for your canine

The Great Dane Lady, Linda Arndt, has more than 38 years of experience as a canine nutritional consultant and breeder. In our Great Dane Lady Approved series, Linda will talk about her research and work with Precise. You can explore Linda’s website at

Thinking about switching to Precise Pet Products? There a few things you need to know in order to make a safe feeding transition for your pup with any new food. Many complications can occur when transitioning your furry friend to a new formula, so it is important to be aware of your pet’s sensitivity to the switch.

For puppies: If you have a puppy less than six months of age, the change needs to occur quickly due to their sensitive growth patterns. This transition should occur over three meals or less using Precise, Precise Plus or Precise Holistic Complete. I prefer to start with a mixture of 50 percent old food and 50 percent new food. Additionally, sprinkling probiotics on the top of the food can smooth this transition. I recommend BakPakPlus, 4 in 1 Probiotics or Filling N The Wholes.

For adults: The adult transition process can occur over a longer time span since they experience more steady growth patterns. Adult dogs can take two to three days to move over to the new food entirely. Start with a mix of 25 percent new food and 75 percent old food. Probiotics can also help make the transition smoother for your adult pet, just as for puppies.

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Ingredient Insight: GanedenBC30

We’re very proud of the premium ingredients found in our foods. In our Ingredient Insight series, our in-house vet Dr. Lisa Drapela provides an in-depth look at how these ingredients protect and boost your pets’ health and energy, why we chose them, and what makes them unique. Read all of our Ingredient Insight blog posts here.

On the Precise Holistic Complete ingredient list, you may have stumbled across “Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086” and thought it was a foreign language. Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, also known as GanedenBC30, is a probiotic from the human supplement market found in our Precise Holistic Complete formulas.  Here is some additional information on probiotics and GanedenBC30:

What are probiotics?
Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help stop overgrowth of disease-causing bacteria in the digestive system. They also produce Vitamin K, which is needed in the body. GanedenBC30 is a natural supplement that aids in improving digestive health in humans and animals. It has been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and found to present no safety concerns when used in direct-fed microbial products.

How does the probiotic GanedenBC30 work?
Bacillus coagulans is extremely stable during processing of the food and while the product is on the shelf. Once consumed, Bacillus coagulans travels safely to the small intestine, where the transition from the acidic stomach environment to the more alkaline environment activates the bacteria. Once the “good” bacteria arrives in the large intestine it is ready to produce a number of benefits for your pets, including the production of L+ lactic acid, displacement of pathogenic bacteria along the intestinal wall, and breakdown of nutrients for improved absorption.

Why is it in the Precise Holistic Complete Formula?
Incorporating the human-grade GanedenBC30 into our Precise Holistic Complete formulas provides added support for your pets’ digestive health and helps maintain their immune systems. It also helps to improve rheumatoid arthritis, reduce irritable bowel syndrome, improve osteoarthritis and reduce symptoms of colitis.

GanedenBC DFM is a trademark of Ganeden Biotech, Inc.

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Pet news roundup – 3/18/11

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources and Twitter.

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Mailbag: Buying direct

Each month, Marnee White, who knows Precise like the back of her hand, will answer questions we get through our customer service e-mails and phone calls.

Q: Is it possible to buy Precise food directly from your company?

A: Unfortunately, we do not sell Precise direct. However, we have a great family of independent retailers, online pet stores, breeders and clinics across the country (and beyond!) where you can purchase our foods. To find a store nearest you, check out our online Find a Retailer tool or call 888-477-3247.

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