Precise Pet Products Launches New Holistic Formulas

Nacogdoches, Texas After launching Precise Holistic Complete in fall 2010, Precise Pet Products, a brand division of Texas Farm Products Company, is pleased to expand the multiple healthy and holistic options for pets to include a new flavor for cats and new formulas designed specifically for small and medium breed dogs.

Continuing in the Precise Holistic Complete tradition, the new formulas feature superior nutritional ingredients and innovative human-grade supplements designed to promote health, happiness and harmony in dogs and cats. Each formula contains Precise’s Life Circle Essentials, which include real meat, prebiotics and probiotics, cell protectors, balanced omegas, herbals, botanicals, beneficial supplements, and natural antioxidants.

“Expanding the Precise Holistic Complete line shows our commitment to providing superior ingredients and healthy options for pets,” said Kirk Young, executive vice president of Precise Pet Products. “At Precise, we are constantly working to develop innovative solutions to healthy eating for all canines and felines.”

Precise Holistic Complete will introduce the following dry food formulas for canines:

  • Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula: Designed for puppies up to 12 months, this formula features DHAgold®, which ensures high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids designed to promote brain and cognitive development during this important life stage. Additionally, this tasty, high-quality formula has herbal ingredients, nutritious fruits and vegetables, and probiotics.
  • Small & Medium Breed Adult Formula: For moderately active adult dogs, this formula features L-Carnitine for increased energy and stamina. L-Carnitine helps metabolize food into energy and improves resistance to muscle fatigue. The Small & Medium Breed Adult formula also contains the Life Circle Essentials found in every bag of Precise Holistic Complete.

Precise Holistic Complete introduces the following dry food formula for felines:

  • Adult Chicken Formula: Designed for all life stages, cats and kittens will love the savory taste of real human-grade chicken meat. The nutritious fruits and vegetables as well as probiotics found in this formula promote a healthy immune system to keep pets happy, healthy and safe.

Precise Holistic Complete is packaged in convenient, resealable bags designed for easy use and maximum freshness. The formulas are available in 6, 15 and 30-pound bags for canines and 3, 6 and 15-pound bags for felines.

To learn more about Precise Pet Products and the Precise Holistic Complete line, visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247). Also, connect with Precise Pet Products on Facebook at and Twitter by following @PrecisePet.

About Precise Pet Products

Precise Pet Products, a part of Texas Farm Products Company, is an American-based manufacturer and supplier of canine and feline foods made from all-natural ingredients produced mostly from U.S. sources. Located in Nacogdoches, Texas, Precise Pet Products provides pet foods that are safe and nutritious. Using the latest in technology and testing capabilities, Precise Pet Products boasts a history of responsible pet food products. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247).

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4 responses to “Precise Pet Products Launches New Holistic Formulas”

  1. Jill Logan says:

    Does Precise Holistic dog food contain ethoxyquin, BHT, or BHA preservatives? Thank you.

  2. Hi Jill! No, all of our dry foods are preserved with vitamins C and E. The canned foods are preserved by the canning process itself.

  3. Carolyn Oman says:

    My dog is 10 pounds and very hard to feed (picky). I took home a sample of your Wild Formula, from Sunshine House. He loves it and the bites are tiny—perfect. I had never heard of your company but am glad to know a local company is producing quality products. I am questioning if your meats are anti-biotic and hormore free and your veggies and fruits etc are pure and pesticide free. Thanks, Carolyn from Euless, TX

    • We are so glad you found us, Carolyn! Our goal at Precise is to provide top quality (and delicious) ingredients in our pet food. All products and ingredients are made and sourced in the USA. We have total control over the quality of ingredients that go into our products. We can provide you with more information about ingredients and their source via the contact page of our website.

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