Great Dane Lady Approved: Trace minerals revealed

The Great Dane Lady, Linda Arndt, has more than 38 years of experience as a canine nutritional consultant and breeder. In our Great Dane Lady Approved series, Linda will talk about her research and work with Precise. You can explore Linda’s website at

Are you new to the puppy world? Puppy’s diets are very sensitive and can easily affect their future health and well-being. During the puppy stage your pet is developing mentally and physically, so it is important to make sure they receive the proper nutrients.

One of the most essential components of your puppy’s diet should involve trace minerals. Trace minerals are necessary for growth and are important for proper immune system function, especially in puppies. Additionally, they benefit your pet’s energy and metabolism.

A common misconception is that trace minerals are regular minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. This is incorrect as these are macro (large) minerals. Trace minerals, known as micro (small) minerals, are found in tiny amounts in the soil and the sea. To be sure your pet food has trace minerals in it, look for words such as: kelp, barley, wheat grass or seaweed. The Precise formulas, including Precise Plus and Precise Holistic Complete, use dried kelp to make sure your pet gets the necessary amount of trace minerals daily.

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Photo Roundup: Town & Rural Mercantile in Faribault, Minn.

Glad to have the opportunity to see the folks at Town & Rural Mercantile in Faribault, Minn.

Check out their great Precise Holistic Complete showcase:

Find Town & Rural Mercantile on Facebook!

Dennis Perrin is the Midwest regional sales manager at Precise Pet, and can be reached at See a photo of Dennis and his dog KaChow in our Pet Zone image gallery.

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Pet News Roundup: Military dogs, cat medicines, and the secret to how dogs drink

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources and Twitter.

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Precise’s Website Named Official Honoree at the Webby Awards!

After a website revamp in 2010, we’re proud to announce that was named an Official Honoree in Corporate Communications at the 15th Annual Webby Awards!

The Webby Awards is a leading international award competition honoring excellence on the Internet. Of the nearly 10,000 entries submitted to the 15th Annual Webby Awards, fewer than 10 percent were distinguished as an Official Honoree, an award that signifies remarkable achievement.

Thanks for visiting our blog and we hope you keep coming back to our award winning website!

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Mailbag: The difference between Precise, Precise Plus and Precise Holistic Complete

Each month, Marnee White, who knows Precise like the back of her hand, will answer questions we get through our customer service e-mails and phone calls.

Q: What is the difference between the three different formulas you offer: Precise, Precise Plus and Precise Holistic Complete?

A: Precise is our original line of natural pet foods that feature highly digestible chicken or lamb meal, clarified chicken fat, and balanced omega fatty acids. All formulas include probiotics to aid digestion and provide wholesome nutrition without the use of corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or sorghum.

Precise Plus features superior quality protein sources including fresh chicken meat for added palatability, unique herbal, botanical, and probiotic ingredients, and beneficial supplements that provide optimal nutrition. All formulas use natural preservatives.

Precise Holistic Complete is our newest most nutritionally advanced brand of pet foods and features the most superior and innovative nutritional ingredients and human-grade supplements available today. The brand features unique meat sources; prebiotics and probiotics, DHA gold for optimal levels of omega-3 that promote development, and citrus fiber a great alternative to beet pulp.

All three brands are available in cat and dog formulas.

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Ask Our Vet: When is skinny too skinny?

Q: Our dog is a 3-year-old husky mix that weighs approximately 62 pounds and is a moderately active dog. She takes a daily walk with us for about two miles. We feed her the Precise Lamb Meal dog food, about 2 1/4 cups a day.  Lately, we have had comments about Shasta to the effect that she is skinny. Can you help us determine if Shasta is getting enough food?

A: Normally this sounds like the correct amount of food for a dog this age and size. However, the feeding guidelines are just a starting place and you might have to adjust the amount you feed based on how the dog does. Increase the daily amount by 1/4 cup for a couple of weeks to see if your dog gains any weight. Use the stool quality and quantity as your guide.

For example, the stools should remain small and firm, and there should only be one or maybe two stools per day. If you get to a point where the stools are not normal, then you have to go back to the previous amount. If this amount is not enough to help your dog maintain a good weight, you might have to find a different formula that has more protein and fat.

Our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Lisa Drapela is on-hand to answer questions about your dog or cat’s health. Whether you’re wondering about the best Precise formula or just have a general health question, visit the Ask Our Vet section here on the website to connect directly with Dr. Drapela. We’ll feature some of her answers here on the blog.

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Ingredient Insight: Supplements

We’re very proud of the premium ingredients found in our foods. In our Ingredient Insight series, our in-house vet Dr. Lisa Drapela provides an in-depth look at how these ingredients protect and boost your pets’ health and energy, why we chose them, and what makes them unique. Read all of our Ingredient Insight blog posts here.

All of our Precise formulas feature beneficial supplements that help ensure your pet gets a variety of ingredients for optimal health and wellness. Don’t be intimidated by their big names, we guarantee they are healthy for your pet!

  • Chicken Cartilage (Canine Formulas): A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that promote joint health, while keeping 100% of the value throughout the heat process.
  • Chelated Minerals: Minerals that are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than inorganic mineral sources, ensuring your pet receives the most nutrients possible!
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract: Natural extract of the yucca plant found in the Desert Southwest that naturally reduces your pet’s stool and urine odor.
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Pet Tales: Rhett and Penny

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Kaylynn Steffen of Frisco, Texas writes:

“My dog Rhett is a feisty, two-year-old, tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He enjoys lounging on the couch and laying in laps but sometimes he gets a wild streak and begins running laps, rather than laying in them. Rhett can be a picky eater and used to skip meals before we switched to Precise. He eats Precise Holistic Complete Wild at Heart River Line – Salmon and just loves the taste of it. He actually eats now! His coat is beautiful thanks to the fish oil, and he is also filling out nicely. He is very active and healthy on this food.

Additionally, I like that Rhett is eating such healthy ingredients. I also like the convenience of the resealable bags.”

Kaylynn purchases her Precise products at Beau’s Bath House in Denton, Texas. Thanks for sharing your story, Kaylynn and Rhett!

A. Dunlop of Conroe, Texas writes:

“Penny was a rescue dog in poor health and she had been abused. Her health is precarious and has to be carefully maintained. I was very disappointed in the first food I chose for her, as Penny worsened noticeably. The improvement that has occurred thanks to switching to Precise is dramatic. Penny has now grown a healthy coat and gained weight.

Penny is loyal, well-behaved, and good company for me, so I want her around as long as possible. Once I began feeding her Precise, within a few weeks, her coat improved, she scratched less, she gained some weight and was generally happier. Penny thinks Precise tastes good and it helps her feel better!

Penny enjoys playing chase in the backyard, long walks, and protecting ‘her’ yard and chickens. We (the dog and I) love your dog food.”

Penny’s family purchases her Precise products at Bark Avenue Salon in Montgomery, Texas! Thanks for sharing your story and we’re glad Precise has helped Penny!

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Precise Pet Products Announces New Additions to Growing Sales Team

Nacogdoches, Texas – May 16, 2011 – Precise Pet Products, an American-based manufacturer and supplier of all-natural canine and feline foods, is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Steed and Alyssa Crosby to the company’s sales team.

“We’re very excited to welcome Scott and Alyssa to the Precise Pet Products family,” said Kirk Young, executive vice president of Texas Farm Products. “Their diverse experience and vast knowledge of the pet industry makes each vital to our company’s mission of providing premium pet food to specialty pet retailers across the country.”

As Eastern regional sales director, Steed is responsible for business development and sales. Before joining the Precise Pet Products team, Steed worked as Eastern regional sales manager for The Pet Firm. A proven leader with over 15 years of outside sales experience, Steed previously held positions with Sara Lee Food Service, Nestlé Purina and Beatrice Corporation.

With more than 11 years of experience in the pet industry, Crosby assumes the role of New England territory sales manager. In this capacity, she is responsible for servicing, managing and developing the customer base within the New England territory. Prior to joining Precise Pet Products, Crosby was a sales representative for New England Wholesale Pet Foods. She also worked at Pet People as a store manager and Jillian’s Boston as a buyer and manager.

To learn more about Precise Pet Products and the Precise Holistic Complete line, visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247). Also, connect with Precise Pet Products on Facebook at and Twitter by following @PrecisePet.

About Precise Pet Products:

Precise Pet Products, a part of Texas Farm Products Company, is an American-based manufacturer and supplier of canine and feline foods made from all-natural ingredients produced mostly from U.S. sources. Located in Nacogdoches, TX, Precise Pet Products provides affordable pet foods that are safe and nutritious. Using the latest in technology and testing capabilities, Precise Pet Products boasts a history of responsible pet food products. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247).

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Talkin’ Pets Talks Precise Holistic Complete and DHA Gold

Popular radio show, Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch, recently invited Christian Martin, director of the animal nutrition team for DHA Gold at Martek Biosciences Corporation, to explain the benefits of DHA Gold and omega-3s for our pets.

Precise Holistic Complete was a star on the show for its incorporation of DHA Gold in the new formula!  We have discussed the benefits of DHA Gold with Christian in a previous Ingredient Insights post, but listen in as he answers some frequently asked questions and provides additional insight on the many benefits of the ingredient (fast forward to timestamp 39:53).

“We’re getting better at feeding ourselves, but we need to catch up with the trend for our pets” – Christian Martin

To learn more about DHA Gold and the work that Christian and his team are doing to provide added health benefits to pets and humans alike, visit

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