Ask Our Vet: Dry skin and inflammed ears

Q: My dog has terrible dry skin and inflamed ears. I make all of his dog food and give him soap baths, fish oil, acidophilus and flaxseed to help his skin and intestines. Unfortunately, nothing is helping. How can I help him holistically?

A: I know a lot of people use the Nzymes product with great results. I have never used it, but it would be worth a try. Your next step would be to find a holistic veterinarian in your area and seek his or her advice.

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2 responses to “Ask Our Vet: Dry skin and inflammed ears”

  1. Jan says:

    You have just described my pooch, JJ. JJ was born in a puppy mill, and I rescued him, he was not expected to live. I nursed him with a raw food diet and after a year he was perfect. Then I tried putting him on kibble and had no luck, until I put him on Precise Lamb/Sweet-Potato and I add a TBS of pumpkin for more fiber. By the time the second bag was finished he was allergy free! His skin and ears are perfect :). Also, I give him baby carrots or berries for treats! It’s worth a try, but you have to stick with it. … JJ did go through a healing crises, it lasted about a week, his skin got worst and his ears got infected and drained. I cleaned his ears with a warm mixture of 50/50 White Vinegar and Isopropyl Alcohol. Also, there were 2 days he refused to eat anything but the pumpkin, then all the sudden he ate like a little piglet and never refused again! GOOD LUCK!

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