Ingredient Insight: The Salmon Myth

We’re very proud of the premium ingredients found in our foods. In our Ingredient Insight series, our in-house vet Dr. Lisa Drapela provides an in-depth look at how these ingredients protect and boost your pets’ health and energy, why we chose them, and what makes them unique. Read all of our Ingredient Insight blog posts here.

Salmon meal is an integral part of several of our new Precise Holistic Complete foods. Not only is it an excellent source of protein but it also has the added benefit of supplying a natural form of omega-3 fatty acids to the food.

There is a myth about salmon being harmful to dogs and cats that should be clarified.  The truth is raw salmon can cause a condition known as salmon poisoning in dogs.  It does not affect cats at all.  The disease is actually caused by a bacteria in the salmon.  Cooking the salmon destroys the bacteria making salmon meal completely safe and healthy for both dogs and cats.

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2 responses to “Ingredient Insight: The Salmon Myth”

  1. Karen athomas says:

    My concern is the source of the salmon (farm raised or wild). My understanding is that fish caught at sea can be preserved with ethoxoqen. we are staring ro question the source in dog foods because of the number of missed breedings, small littwrs, birthweights. There appears to be a coronation as most dog foods have wild caught fish meal.

    • Precise Pet Food says:

      Karen, thank you for you question. Our salmon is caught off the coast of Norway and none of our foods contain ethoxyquin. I hope this helps. The Precise Team

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