Ask Our Vet: What do you recommend for a formula with no wheat, soy or corn?

Q: My 12-year-old West Highland White Terrier is having yeast problems, causing itchy paws. He recently started the Nzymes treatment recommended by Hemopet’s Dr. Jean Dodds. Dr. Dodds advised feeding our dog a grain-free formula with no wheat, soy or corn. What do you recommend?

A: I recommend the Precise Holistic Complete Small/Medium Breed Adult formula. It does not contain wheat, soy or corn. It does not contain potatoes either, which can be a problem when you are fighting yeast problems.

Additionally, I recommend you check into inhalant allergies, also called atopy. The symptoms of atopy are constant licking and chewing of the feet, leaving them constantly moist and in turn helping yeast grow. The yeast problems your dog has may merely be a symptom of a deeper problem, which may be atopy.

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  1. Denise says:

    Please clarify if your can cat food has carrageenan and BPA ? Petsumer has these two ingredients listed with your food having them but your website does not.. Please advise… Thanks, Denise

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