Meet the Precise Team: Scott Steed

We make all our own dry food, in-house in the USA, by pet owning experts who take great pride in what they do. In our Meet the Precise Team series, we’ll introduce you to some of the people that make Precise Pet Products run.

Scott Steed is the Eastern Regional Sales Director for Precise Pet Products! Scott is responsible for business development and sales.

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Great Dane Lady Approved: Switching your puppy’s food safely

The Great Dane Lady, Linda Arndt, has more than 38 years of experience as a canine nutritional consultant and breeder. In our Great Dane Lady Approved series, Linda will talk about her research and work with Precise. You can explore Linda’s website at

Recently, I have received many comments and questions about a previous blog post on the different approaches used for switching your dog’s food versus your puppy’s food. Many puppy owners have heard it’s better to switch food slowly to allow adjustment. However, in my experience, it’s better to switch your puppies quickly.

Large and giant breeds grow very quickly from birth to six months of age. At times, you can see a significant difference in just 24 to 36 hours, so changing foods can be tricky with these dogs. It is best not to stretch out the transition period on very young puppies (8 to 20 weeks of age) because it can throw them into developmental orthopedic disease. One such condition is hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD), a bone disease that usually affects young, rapidly growing, large breed dogs. Puppies could also experience panosteitis also known as Pano, “self limiting” bone disease characterized by wandering lameness that switches from leg to leg. A faster food transition tends to avoid these problems, but probiotics are essential to the process as well because switching foods quickly can often cause digestive upset so probiotics help prevent this problem.

Each dog food company uses different vitamin/mineral premixes, and there can be an enormous difference in the “quality” from brand to brand. This is another reason why it is important not to stretch out the transition past three meals on very young dogs. By mixing together different foods (adult & puppy) or different brands, you are sacrificing the integrity of each diet diet. This can be very problematic and cause a drastic growth spurt. Additionally, inferior minerals can tie up other quality minerals needed for development.

As long as you use a high-quality, multiple bacteria-based probiotic product combined with digestive enzymes, the transition will be very easy in the early ages, often better than with a mature dog, which may take a little longer. Probiotics that I recommend to ease the transition are ProBio Pac, BakPakPlus or 4 in 1 Probiotic from

Remember, Precise Pet Products are rich with nutrients and made with quality ingredients your puppy or dog needs. Each of our lines of dog food also comes in formulas specially made for specific sized puppies.

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Pet News Roundup: Avalanche Survival Story, Feline-Inspired Fashions and Pancake’s Musical Video!

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources and Twitter.

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Precise Pet Products Announces Four New Hires, One Promotion

Nacogdoches, Texas – January 19, 2012 – Precise Pet Products, an American-based manufacturer and supplier of all-natural canine and feline foods, is pleased to announce the addition of four members to its sales team as well as one promotion.

“We’re very excited to see the Precise Pet Products family expand, both through the hiring of talented individuals and the promotion of current dedicated team members,” said Kirk Young, executive vice president of Texas Farm Products. “Each individual’s extensive experience, knowledge of the pet industry and dedication to quality makes them a perfect fit for the company mission of providing premium pet food to specialty pet retailers across the country.”

Previously Northwest territory sales manager, Helen Hurd has been promoted to regional sales manager, with responsibilities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

The following new hires will hold responsibilities for servicing, managing and developing the customer base within their respective territories:

  • Scott Goriscak, a pet industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, takes on responsibilities of Mid-Atlantic territory sales manager. Prior to joining Precise Pet Products, Goriscak worked with Bil-Jac Pet Foods Inc. as the territory sales manager for the New York area. Goriscak has also held leadership positions with Nutro Products Inc. and Petco Inc.
  • Donavan Meyer assumes the role of territory sales manager in the Southern area, spanning Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama. Meyer previously worked for JRS Custom Fabrication as a National Account Manager and later Sales Manager. Meyer has also held positions with Sara Lee, Royal Canin US and ClosetMaid North America.
  • James Stewart will manage the Florida and Southeast Georgia territory as a sales manager. Before joining the Precise Pet Products team, Stewart worked with Sara Lee as a solution sales representative, where he was a top ranked sales representative.
  • With over seven years of sales and marketing experience, Ben Pennell will assume the role of territory sales representative for Northern California and Northern Nevada. Prior to joining the Precise Pet Products team, Pennell worked with Ogilvy Marketing where he led the Mountain Region in sales increases per demonstration.

To learn more about Precise Pet Products and the Precise Holistic Complete line, visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247). Also, connect with Precise Pet Products on Facebook at and Twitter by following @PrecisePet.

About Precise Pet Products:

Precise Pet Products, a part of Texas Farm Products Company, is an American-based manufacturer and supplier of canine and feline foods made from all-natural ingredients produced mostly from U.S. sources. Located in Nacogdoches, TX, Precise Pet Products provides affordable pet foods that are safe and nutritious. Using the latest in technology and testing capabilities, Precise Pet Products boasts a history of responsible pet food products. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-4-PRECISE (1-888-477-3247).

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Ask Our Vet: What Precise canned food formula is best for my cats?

Q: I have heard good things about Precise canned cat food but need guidance on which variety would be best for my cats. I have a 16-year-old that is overweight and a 9-year-old prone to UTIs. Can you suggest one of your foods that would work for both of them?

A: Any of the canned cat food flavors would be great for your cats. It depends on their likes and dislikes. All of the Precise canned cat foods are in a pate style and come in 5.5 ounce and 13 ounce cans. The Precise Holistic Complete canned cat formula, however, is in a flaked style and is only in the 3 ounce can for now.

There are several flavors in the Precise canned foods. The Chicken and Turkey formulas are very popular, while some cats enjoy the Ocean Fish variety. The canned food should greatly help your UTI-prone cat and the higher protein should help with weight loss for your older cat.

Our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Lisa Drapela is on-hand to answer questions about your dog or cat’s health. Whether you’re wondering about the best Precise formula or just have a general health question, visit the Ask Our Vet section here on the website to connect directly with Dr. Drapela. We’ll feature some of her answers here on the blog.

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Kirk Young Featured in Pet Product News International

What’s the best way to display dog food on retail shelves for maximum exposure and profit? Pet Product News International explored this topic in their December 2011 issue and turned to Kirk Young, executive vice president of Precise Pet Products, for some insight. Two of the strategies Kirk shared are to show confidence by stocking a full brand line and to consider off-shelf displays.

Click here to read the full article.

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Ingredient Insight: Selenium

We’re very proud of the premium ingredients found in our foods. In our Ingredient Insight series, our in-house vet Dr. Lisa Drapela provides an in-depth look at how these ingredients protect and boost your pets’ health and energy, why we chose them and what makes them unique. Read all of our Ingredient Insight blog posts here.

It is amazing the number of minerals, required in large and very small amounts, necessary for maintaining good health. The term “trace minerals” describes those that are needed by the body, but in limited amounts.

Selenium is one of those trace minerals, and is typically found in whole grain products, meats, poultry and fish. Excess amounts of selenium can be toxic, so it is important to have this mineral in the diet and it should be in complete balance with the other minerals.  Selenium is a key component in one of the body’s antioxidant systems. If selenium becomes deficient, more stress is placed on the body’s other antioxidant systems which can deplete them more quickly.

Selenium yeast is an organic form of selenium found in Precise canine formulas and is considered to be the safest form of selenium supplementation. In this form, it can be more easily absorbed by the body and can actually be stored in certain tissues for times of stress on the body. Dietary supplementation using selenium yeast promotes the body’s ability to counteract oxidative stress and protect against degenerative diseases such as cancer.

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Pet Tales: Meet happy and healthy Bullmastiff, Mason!

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Loretta Maye from Clark, N. J. writes:

My Bullmastiff, Mason, used to have severe allergies. His paws would get extremely swollen and raw, and he was very itchy. There were quite a few times when I even had to take him to the emergency room to get steroid shots. The vet recommended a prescription dog food that was extremely expensive! I tried it for a while but nothing was changing. I did some research online and I found reviews in a blog about Precise Sensicare Formula. Now, after switching to this Precise formula, Mason is free of all symptoms!

I love the price and the quality of Precise Lamb & Rice Sensicare. More importantly, I love that it makes Mason feel better. Mason can go on enjoying sleeping, getting hugs and going for rides in the car!

Loretta and Mason order their Precise Pet Products online from our friends at Hearty Pet!

Thanks for sharing, Loretta! We are thrilled that Precise Pet Products help keep Mason happy and healthy!

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Ask Our Vet: Why is my pup’s stool soft?

Q: I fed our previous 15-year-old Black Lab Precise food with great success. When we adopted our current Black Lab puppy, I continued with Precise. We started with Giant Breed Puppy formula and transitioned to Precise Chicken Meal & Rice Foundation formula. After transitioning, his stool became very soft. It was tested by the vet and the results were fine. What are your suggestions?

A: Loose stools can occur for several reasons, and it sounds like you have addressed the first one by getting your veterinarian to check for intestinal parasites. There are some intestinal parasites that are hard to find on stool tests so be sure to keep that in mind. It might be prudent to do a couple of rounds of Panacur® just in case.

Another reason for the loose stools can be the type of food and how much your puppy is eating. Loose stools will occur if your puppy is eating too much food for his body weight. If you send me your puppy’s weight and the amount of food he is eating, I can help you determine whether or not it is the correct amount.

The other reason for loose stools can be because of medications, treats, training treats or anything else he may be consuming. These often get overlooked, especially during holidays, so be sure you are not overdoing it.

Our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Lisa Drapela is on-hand to answer questions about your dog or cat’s health. Whether you’re wondering about the best Precise formula or just have a general health question, visit the Ask Our Vet section here on the website to connect directly with Dr. Drapela. We’ll feature some of her answers here on the blog.

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