Ask Our Vet: What Precise canned food formula is best for my cats?

Q: I have heard good things about Precise canned cat food but need guidance on which variety would be best for my cats. I have a 16-year-old that is overweight and a 9-year-old prone to UTIs. Can you suggest one of your foods that would work for both of them?

A: Any of the canned cat food flavors would be great for your cats. It depends on their likes and dislikes. All of the Precise canned cat foods are in a pate style and come in 5.5 ounce and 13 ounce cans. The Precise Holistic Complete canned cat formula, however, is in a flaked style and is only in the 3 ounce can for now.

There are several flavors in the Precise canned foods. The Chicken and Turkey formulas are very popular, while some cats enjoy the Ocean Fish variety. The canned food should greatly help your UTI-prone cat and the higher protein should help with weight loss for your older cat.

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