Introducing Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete

We recently launched our Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete and have had a great response! Wondering why we decided to add this formula? Here’s some background from the Precise team (Ramona Keith, marketing manager; Dr. Lisa Drapela, staff veterinarian; Mike Compton, vice president of operations; and Linda Arndt, “The Great Dane Lady”).

Introducing Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete
With the recent explosion of grain free formulas in the pet food market, we knew that we needed to develop grain free options for our customers as well. Pet foods that would combine the same exceptional nutrition of Precise Holistic Complete, with the rising demand for grain free diets. But we were concerned with the possibility of compromising our superior foods by rushing into products that were not well conceived.

So after careful consideration and research, we developed our formulas with moderate levels of protein, that are tried and true, common sense levels that work well for all breeds and all life stages of dogs and cats. The meat sources of the protein include lamb, turkey, pork, and chicken. We use garbanzo beans (also known as chick peas), a low glycemic and gluten-free alternative to potatoes, in our canine formulas to provide necessary carbohydrates. Our feline formula uses Spring Yellow Peas, which also provide a wonderful source of carbohydrates that are lacking when the grains are removed. Both types of peas provide extra protein, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients and minerals. Plus, the valuable protein they provide does not interfere with the delicate mineral balance of the food, thus eliminating the need for more added minerals in the final product.

Once we had these major considerations established, we knew that by combining them with the Life Circle Essentials of our original holistic line, we would have foods that are nutritious and safe, and that address concerns such as allergies, obesity, and digestibility. Quality proteins, natural antioxidant vitamins, balanced fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics, and select herbal and botanical ingredients. Plus the remarkable supplements that offer unique benefits to our pet foods.

We think our new Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete formulas were worth the wait. Same exceptional nutrition, zero grains. And as always, exceptional nutrition that promotes health, happiness, and harmony . . . for a lifetime.

Precise Pet Products is a subsidiary of Texas Farm Products Company, an 80 year-old, family- owned and independently minded company, that makes our own food and has a 100 percent safety record. The company has developed a reputation of integrity that is generated by a large number of animal-loving employees who are dedicated to producing safe, reliable, and wholesome products that provide the best possible nutrition for the animals we love.

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3 responses to “Introducing Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete”

  1. Sarah says:

    I have a great dane and put him on the giant breed puppy for a few months and he had terrible skin reactions (extreme scratching and bald spots) and random days of diarrhea. We were disappointed because of the recommendation from the great dane lady and others. Realizing it was an allergy to all grains we had to switch foods since at the time Precise didn’t offer grain-free. Glad you guys jumped on board because this is a big issue I know many dogs and the owners have to deal with each day before it’s realized what the problem is.

  2. Sarah says:

    Im soooo thrilled you came out with a grain free AND FINALLY A POTATOE FREE kibble!!! Its extremely hard to find products without potatoes or sweet potatoes and I need to keep sugars low in my dog with allergies. I’ve dreamed of an organic/holistic food with limited ingredients, no grains and no potatoe but alas there is none to be had…… until now! My only other dream would to have more unique ingredients (rabbit, venison, bison) but again Im super uber thrilled to have found your product on my pet store shelf today! My dogs and I thank you so much for developing this!

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for the kind words — we’re really excited too!

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