Ask Our Vet: What Precise food is best for a dog with bladder infections?

Q: My 9 year old dog (schnauzer mix, female, 35 pounds) has issues with bladder infections. She has been x-rayed by the vet to determine if the cause was kidney stones, and there were none. I am currently feeding her duck and potato formula, but I have read numerous websites that say to stay away from potato and go with a low-protein diet. Any suggestions on a Precise dog food that would help?

A: Many older female dogs have recurrent bladder infections, and these over time can lead to bladder stone formation. Thankfully there are no stones at this time but preventing the infections is going to be the key in preventing stones. Infections occur because urine stays in the bladder too long allowing the bacteria to take hold in the wall of the bladder.

Keeping your dog well hydrated and letting her have access to eliminate as often as possible are the best ways to prevent urinary tract infections. Some dogs do not drink lots of water, and those dogs can benefit from the addition of canned food to at least one of their meals every day. We have several types of canned foods available, and they are all very palatable.

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