Ask Our Vet: What Precise formula could help my rescued dogs?

Q: I am trying to find a great nutritional diet for my rescued ex-racing greyhounds (females, ages 3 and almost 4 years, both spayed of course), as they come with thyroid, skin, fur and broken hock problems. I’d like to help to make them healthier than how I received them. Right now they are on a formula that has grains and other unknown substances (at least unknown by me). Please guide me in the right direction.

A: There are a couple of options for feeding your greyhounds. Without knowing more about their thyroid and skin problems, it would be hard to make a specific recommendation but I’ll give you a couple of options.

First, you could try the Precise Sensicare formula. It has been the most tried and true formula we have for trouble skin issues. In fact, it has remained largely unchanged since its beginning because it has been so successful.

Second, these are considered large breed dogs so please think about the Precise Holistic Complete Large and Giant Breed formula. All of the most recent research about the requirements and how to feed the large and giant breed dogs has been put into this formula as well as its puppy version.

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