Ask Our Vet: Does my senior dog need a formula with L-carnitine?

Q: I currently own several dogs ranging in ages from a 1-year-old puppy to aging seniors. I was told that my older dogs needed L-carnitine in their diets to help promote healthy hearts. I noticed that the Original Precise Senior Formula didn’t contain L-carnitine. What is your opinion on L-carnitine and what formula do you recommend for my senior dogs?

A: Thanks for your question! You’re correct that L-carnitine is not in the Original Precise Senior formula, but L-carnitine is in the Precise Holistic Complete Senior formula.

As you probably know, L-carnitine is not an essential component of dog foods because most dogs have the ability to internally produce the supplement. However, it is important for some dogs to have L-carnitine because their bodies cannot make enough of the supplement. The problem is, we don’t always know which dogs can make enough L-carnitine.

I recommend the Precise Holistic Complete Senior formula, particularly for your older dogs. If you decide to choose the Original Precise Senior formula, I would definitely recommend supplementating with L-carnitine.

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