Pet Tales: Precise is helping Molly get fit!

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Ella Poczynok writes:

My 11-year-old dog, Molly, is my seventh dog. All six of my previous companions have suffered from obesity. Even though I have fed them what their veterinarians recommended and exercised them daily, they all gained too much weight. Questioning my vets about what could cause the weight gain always seemed to elicit the response that it was my fault somehow. Questions about the dog food brought on the response, “No, it can’t be that.”

A few months ago, I was talking with someone and she told me about your brand and what a difference it made in her dog. I researched Precise Pet Products and was amazed by what I found. I bought a bag of the Chicken Meal and Rice Formula, even though it was more expensive and I am on a fixed income. By the time the bag was finished, I was amazed by the results! Molly is perkier, more alert and active, and she’s losing weight!

It is so cruel to feed dogs a pet food that harms them when the solution is out there. I just wanted to say I wish I had known about Precise Pet Products earlier so my other dogs would have been healthier and happier. Molly and I both want to thank you for your great products.

Thank you, Ella and Molly! We are glad to hear that Molly is doing well!

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