Super-sniffing dogs, a miracle for a stray kitten, and debunking myths about cats’ eyes!

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources.

  • Super Pups to Sniff Out Search-and-Rescue Missions and Cancer: A handful of 9-week-old pups are at the center of a new research program to study. Read this NY Post article to hear how they’ll be super sniffer dogs!
  • Pets Riding Shot Gun in NJ May Now Need Seat Belts: New Jersey may become the first state to require pets to be secured in seat belts or face $1,000 fines! Read more from this Yahoo! article to find out how to safely secure your pets on the road.
  • Dog Nurses Stray Kitten Back to Health: This adorable story from Minnesota tells the tale of a 4-year-old Pekingese who is nursing an abandoned stray kitten back to health. You’ll definitely want to see this sweet photo of the two in this Yahoo! article!
  • Opening Your Eyes to Cats’ Eyes: Why are cats’ pupils slits? Are they really color-blind? Can they actually see in the dark? Read this article from Catster to learn if myths about cats’ eyes are totally true or totally false!
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Are You Ready for It? It’s Here!

We can finally say it: Fall is officially here! Bring on the colorful leaves, cider, pumpkins, tricks, treats and a break from the hot, muggy weather of summer. A change in the season can bring excitement but it also means a change in the potential problems for your furry friend. Here are some helpful tips to keeping your pet happy and healthy during fall:

  • Fall and spring are seasons when you’ll begin to see mushrooms sprout up from the ground. While most mushrooms are not harmful when eaten, one percent of mushrooms are highly toxic. If your pet digests one of these dangerous mushrooms, it can be life threatening. Keep an eye out for mushrooms when your pet is outside and keep them away from areas with infested with mushrooms. Just to be safe, contact your local Animal Poison Control Center if your pet does consume a mushroom.
  • With the kids back in school, it’s important to keep the glue, glitter, markers and other school supplies away from your curious pets! While not very toxic, school supplies can give your pet an upset stomach and your child a lack of arts supplies – so keep those supplies out of your pet’s reach!
  • In the fall, snakes are preparing to hibernate and can become especially irritable resulting in an increase of snakebites. Know where snakes are found in your area and keep your precious pets away!
  • If the summer heat kept you and your dog inside in the air condition, now is the time to bring out the leash or Frisbee! Start becoming more active with your pet in these cooler times. They’ll love it and the exercise will benefit you both!

Have other tips for keeping your pets safe during the fall? We’d love to hear them! Comment on this post to share!


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Don’t shriek over a dead mouse!

Cats can be known to be overly affectionate pets at times. Whether it is sitting on your laptop in the midst of an important email or kneading your chest for attention, cats have a variety of peculiar ways in which they show you their love. Here are a few behaviors that cat lovers can relate to:

  • It may be a disgusting compliment to us humans, but cats tend to bring owners dead mice as a way of showing their love. Don’t be alarmed! It’s completely normal. Since cats are natural born hunters, they sometimes display their affection by hunting for you and bringing home the catch of the day. Give your cat a nuzzle to return the affection!
  • Another peculiar way cats show affection is by kneading on their humans. Treading their front paws on your chest, legs and other parts of your body means that they are happy and at ease with you. In doing this, cats are reverting back to their kitten days when they would knead against their mother to induce milk. This form of affection shows complete adoration for their humans.
  • Have you ever heard of cat bunting? If your cat rubs against you, bumps their head into yours or grazes their cheek against your body, then your cat is bunting! It’s another form of affection where cats are actually leaving their scent on your body. They do this to their most favorite people so feel privileged the next time your cat bumps heads with you!
  • One of the more unpleasant ways your cat shows affection is by sticking their furry rear-end in your face. It seems a little weird, but it’s another normal character trait. Your cat is putting themselves in a vulnerable position by turning their back to you and thus showing that they trust you. Gently reposition your cat if this isn’t their best side for you.

How does your cat show you affection? Do they do any of these strange, yet compassionate, behaviors? Comment below to let us know!


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Breathtaking dog photography, a weight-loss program for portly pups and chubby cats, and all the hype on “Catroulette”!

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources.

  • Dog Photography Captures Bond: The brainchild of David Reyes, “Dog lifestyle photography,” captures the beautiful relationship between dogs and humans. Check out this article to see some of his amazing photography. It’s sure to tug on your heartstrings!
  • Camp for Pudgy Pets: Tufts University is opening the first cat and dog exclusive weight-loss center in the world. Read this guide to understand the negative effects of a chunky corgi or tubby tabby and learn more about this innovative clinic.
  • The Cutest New Way to Adopt Your Next Cat: Playing off the 2010 somewhat strange internet sensation “Chatroulette”, Catroulette offers viewers a slideshow of cats, including videos and photographs, before stopping by an adoption shelter to pick up a pet. Check out this Catster article to hear more about this fun, new way to choose a pet!
  • Preparing for Kitten’s First Vet Visit: While fawning over your new kitten’s cuteness, don’t forget that they need a trip to vet within the first few months. Read more to learn about what vaccines your new, furry addition needs and why!


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Planning Pet Parties with Pizzazz

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday or the day they were adopted? The prevalence of pet party planners is growing every day as more and more animal lovers are getting in on the fun.

We think it’s a great way to celebrate our four-legged friends so we rounded up a few tips for hosting a successful pet birthday party.

Here are a few ideas for fantastic furry fetes:

  • Remember your pet’s needs when you make the guest list. Dogs may not mind the company of other canines at their party but cats are less sociable and prefer the company of their favorite humans to other felines. When throwing a birthday party for your cat, ask your guests to leave their own pets at home and instead bring fun things to play with like yarn balls and ribbons.
  • Pick a good location. Cat parties can be held in the comfort of your home but dog parties can be a little more rowdy and should be held in fenced in backyards, dog parks, or other dog friendly spaces.
  • Choose a theme and decorate accordingly. Themes are a fun and creative way to make the party special. Pets can even dress in costume to fit the theme! We love the idea of a pet super hero party with pets dressed up as Batman or Superman!
  • Serve treats! Both pet and human party-goers will enjoy themed drinks and snacks made fresh for the occasion by you or your local pet bakery. We recommend a can of Precise pet food topped with an unlit candle for the full birthday cake effect!
  • Play games! Dogs will enjoy rousing games of tug-of-war or fetch while cats prefer chasing flashlights in dark rooms or playing with yarn.
  • Don’t forget the treat bags! At the end of your party, send your guests home with treat bags to remember the occasion. Fill decorative bags with a variety of treats for pets and humans too. You can even add a toy or ball into the bag as well.

Have you ever thrown a birthday bash for your pet? Comment on this post to share your stories with fellow pet owners!


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