Healthy Treat Alternatives You Can Feel Good About

The Great Dane Lady, Linda Arndt, has more than 40 years of experience as a canine nutritional consultant and breeder. In our Great Dane Lady Approved series, Linda will talk about her research and work with Precise. You can explore Linda’s website at

Over the last five years, chicken jerky treat recalls have been an ongoing problem. In an effort to keep your dogs and cats safe, the Great Dane Lady is advising owners to steer clear of any meat jerky type pet treats, using baked or homemade treats as a healthy alternative.

While there are many types of these treats on the market, the most important factor when selecting a brand is if it’s manufactured in the United States. Beyond manufacturing, the ingredients sourced should also be from the U.S. When purchasing a pet product, look over the information and bag labels to ensure the contents are not from China.

Additionally, human foods healthy for pet consumption can also be served as treats. Foods such as frozen berries, peas, apple pieces, melon and cheese are all safe when fed in moderation. Real foods – those outside of a pet’s usual formula – remain important as they bring the living component back into the diet. Always be mindful as to not overfeed your pets when rewarding them with treats.

The FDA continues to look into the source of the contaminated chicken jerky strips, yet they are still being sold in major box retailers and pet stores. Precise Pet Products are only found in the best independent retailers.  When possible, purchase your pet foods and treats from these smaller, privately owned stores. When in doubt, make your own treats at home! For recipes and inspiration, check out The Great Dane Lady website.


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Pet News Roundup: Common training mistakes, preparing your cat for a new place, and should you let your dog sleep in the bed?

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources.

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Pet News Roundup: Pit Bull Awareness Month, Halloween events for your pets, and could your cat catch the flu?

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources.

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Do you know pet CPR?

Though you may not want to think about a day when your pet’s life is in danger, it is important to know these crucial tips in case you’re ever in an emergency situation.

Knowing how to properly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) could save your dog or cat if they stop breathing. We recommend taking a look at the below infographic by the American Red Cross for tips on administering pet CPR. If your pet isn’t breathing, begin administering CPR immediately before bringing them to a veterinarian by following these steps:

Putting this information in a central location in your home can remind you of the procedure and be handy in case an emergency ever arises. Have other tips to share with fellow readers about saving your pets with CPR? It’s an important issue – please comment to share!

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