The Scoop On Pet Adoption

Thinking of adopting a four-legged friend for your family? There are plenty of animal rescues throughout the nation – small and large – that are filled with dogs and cats in need. If you are considering adoption, think about these questions prior to heading to your local rescue:

  • What size pet will work best with your lifestyle? If you are looking for a dog and live in a smaller apartment, a large breed such as a Shepherd or a Labrador may not work as well as a smaller breed.
  • Are you willing to invest in medical assistance? There are a number of pets left in shelters due to health conditions that may require a decent amount of veterinary aid. Many of these health issues can be treated but require someone who is dedicated to the cause.
  • Do you have patience? This question should be addressed when thinking of bringing a pet into your home, whether adopted or not. Depending on the personality of a sheltered pet, often their previous upbringing can determine how quickly a cat or dog responds to training. Have patience and know that a well-behaved pet doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Most importantly, are you ready to make a long-term commitment? So many of the four-legged creatures found in shelters are there because a previous owner wasn’t up to the task. Before you decide to adopt, realize what responsibilities will come with your new companion.

Visit to locate an animal rescue in your area. While adopting a dog or cat may have initial challenges, knowing you are providing a forever home to an animal in need is a reward in itself. Happy adopting!

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Pet Tales: Lucy Belle Undergoes Change to Precise Pet Food and Sees Improvement in Skin and Coat!

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Nanette Smith writes:

I wanted to share my experience with Precise all-natural dog food. For the last two years, all of my dogs have been on Precise Chicken Meal & Rice food, but one of my dogs has benefited from it the most. Since using the Chicken Meal & Rice formula, I have noticed a decrease in the shedding in all of my dogs. I own three Chihuahuas and two Dobermans. Of my dogs, Lucy Belle (my blue Dobie) has improved the most by eating this food.

 When we got her as a pup, we did not know anything about Dobermans. It was only after we brought her home that we discovered that blue Dobermans tend to have terrible skin issues and coat problems. We had her on a veterinarian-recommended food formula for her first year, switching to Precise after she turned a year old. She will be three years old this March and we couldn’t be happier with the results of this food. When our vet asked us what we are doing for her, the only explanation we had was the switch in the food choice. He told us not to change a thing, and that she is the most beautiful blue Dobie he has ever seen.

Thank you, Nanette! We are thrilled to hear that all five pups are doing well and enjoying Precise!

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Retailer Spotlight: The Barker Shop

In our Retailer Spotlight blog posts, our team will take a closer look into some of the outstanding retailers across the country that sell Precise. We love all of our retailers and the services they bring to our customers!

Located in La Grange, Ill., The Barker Shop is the perfect dog “barber shop” – offering not only grooming services, but also training courses, day care, pet photography, boarding, and retail. Owner Kathy Deets focuses her shop’s efforts on the needs of her customers and her passionate love for all animals, which reflects in the shop’s overall experience.

Since the shop’s opening in 2004, The Barker Shop hires only the most qualified groomers to service their K-9 clients. A variety of grooming techniques are available, including competition cut, play cut, trim and hand stripping.

The Barker Shop’s daycare service is convenient for any working dog owner. During doggie daycare, all dogs have the opportunity to engage in consistent exercise and social time. The shop also offers diverse training courses including puppy, basic, advanced and specialty classes.

A proud retailer and supporter of Precise Pet Products, The Barker Shop understands the value of high-quality pet food. It appreciates the use of probiotics and grain free ingredients within the Precise product lines. The Barker Shop wants only the best for its dogs and their bellies.

For more information about The Barker Shop and the services provided, please visit the shop’s website.

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Dog Walking After Dusk

Walks are a part of most dog owner’s everyday routine, but taking them can grow more difficult with changing seasons. When the hours of available daylight shorten, there is a heightened need for taking safety precautions both during the walk and before stepping out of the door.

Dressing for visibility ensures you and your pet are seen by others on the road, especially in lower lit neighborhoods. Light colors and shiny fabrics help drivers and other pedestrians stay alert and notice your path. Reflective strips are the ultimate in clothing visibility and are also offered on dog collars and leashes.

Always keep a cell phone on you in the case of an emergency. While cell phones can act as a distraction to some, having it accessible is an important factor when leaving your home for an extended amount of time. Smart phones also offer flash light features if needed during your outing.

As with any walk, a well-trained dog helps ensure overall safety. If your pup doesn’t walk well on a leash, he or she is more at risk to travel off path or away from the owner entirely. Teach your pet how to properly interact with bypassing dogs, and always stay alert.

Don’t let the lack of daylight put a damper on you and your dog’s quality time. With a little preparation, walks are possible during any hour!


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