Bringing Home a Friend for Fido

Thinking of bringing a second dog into your family? There are a number of benefits in doing so. Whether your family dog is young or old, introducing a canine companion can help with a wide range of health and emotional issues.

  • Separation Anxiety: Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety when their owner leaves for extended periods of time. A second canine can help alleviate the destructive habits associated with the anxiety, allowing both dogs to entertain one another and offer a sense of companionship they are familiar with in a pack environment.
  • Revitalize an Older Dog: If your dog is aging, bringing home a younger dog can help increase the activity in your household. This in turn could potentially help extend your senior dog’s lifespan and overall disposition. For the pet owner, a younger dog can help with the healing after an elderly dog’s passing.
  • Easier Training: Many of the concerns had surrounding puppy training are erased when there is already a well-trained dog in the home. Dogs learn more quickly from one of their own, as they can look to him or her as an example.

Introducing a second pup to your family should be done with the same amount of dedication and thoughtfulness as bringing home your first. With patience, training and care, two dogs can double the happiness, support and love a pet brings.

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