Pet Tales: Who Rescued Who?

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Regional Sales Manager Donavan Meyer met Precise customer Julie Bear and her rescued Malinois, Rocket, during a Dock Dog event that we sponsored in Georgia. Donavan was blown away by Rocket’s talent during the Dock Dogs Big Air competition as he witnessed a jump over 28’. Recently Rocket jumped an amazing 29’ 5”, setting a new Ultimate Air Dogs long jump record. Rocket is now on his way to qualifying for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in October.

After seeing Rocket in action, Donavan later learned of his inspiring rescue story shared by his owner.  Julie wrote:

I first learned of Rocket when I was contacted by the animal shelter in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania after they received both Rocket and his sister. As the PA coordinator for Malinois Rescue, I went to pick up the pair so that they could be placed in foster homes.

When I arrived at the shelter Rocket’s sister had already been adopted, but with Rocket’s over-the-top drive they did not feel secure in placing him so they released him to me. I tried like crazy to find a foster home for him, but had no luck.

I spent the first five nights sleeping on the office floor with Rocket and in that time I lined up a foster home.  But at the last hour, I called it off.  I realized I just could not part with him.

It was obvious that Rocket needed an activity, but due to some physical limitations I needed an activity that did not require running. I discovered the Keystone Dock Dogs Club and to my surprise Rocket took right to the sport. He started competing in March of 2009 and it has been an exciting adventure with him ever since!

Rocket entered my life at precisely the right time. My son had gone off to college and I was struggling to adjust to our empty nest. Since welcoming Rocket to our family we now travel across the United States competing in Dock Dogs events and showing the country how wonderful rescued dogs are and how they can truly enrich your life.

So the next time you are considering adopting a shelter or rescue dog, ask yourself, “Who is ‘rescuing’ who?”





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SuperZoo: Precise Team Spotlight

A few weeks ago we attended SuperZoo, the national show for pet retailers, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The show was a huge success and we had a great turnout at our booth. We re-launched our Precise Naturals products at the show and the product line was well received by all who attended.

Not only did our products earn praise, but so did our staff.

After the show, we received an email from a retailer highlighting our sales team’s commitment to customer service. During her visit, she misplaced her purse and our sales team made every effort to return it to her. Here is what she had to say:

“My name is Debra Manfield, and I’m the owner of Four Paws Pantry & Spa. I attended SuperZoo, a great show by the way, and visited the Precise booth late Wednesday.  I wanted to learn more about your new grain free formulation and the staff there was very attentive and gave me the information I needed.  In my haste to wrap up a vendor appointment and leave the show, I l realized I misplaced my purse filled with everything I needed to survive the show, the city of Las Vegas and the plane ride back home. I didn’t realize the loss until several minutes after the show had ended.

Frantically I retraced my steps, my associate in tow, and came up empty.  We quickly made our way to the exit, hoping I would find a security guard and equally hopeful that someone had turned in my purse. Racing by the exit I noticed a group of people from, you guessed it, the Precise booth.  All of them had been waiting by the main exit hoping I would appear so they could give me back my purse.  Mind you this is after being on their feet from at least 9 that morning until 5 that afternoon!  They all took time from their “time off” to help a woman who, with out their commitment, would be facing several unpleasant outcomes.

I cannot thank them enough.  Your organization should feel proud that you have such dedicated employees, but then you probably already know that!”


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Using Social Media To Help Find Fido

Gone are the days of having only flyers and word-of-mouth to help bring home a lost pet. From micro chipping to collars with built in tracking devices, technology has made it easier than ever to watch over your dog.

Even with the advances, many pups still find ways to stray from home. Social media can play a large role in helping owners alert their communities and friends, while providing important pet information to help with the search.

When uploading a photo to a social media site, a pet owner should always use a recent image. If a dog is wandering the neighborhood as an adult and the only image alerting neighbors of the missing pet is a puppy photo, it will be difficult to relate the two. It also helps to include text with the image, describing any quirks your dog may have and additional contact information if you cannot be reached.

Encourage your social media networks to repost the image and information to reach a broader audience. Users can also offer any updates they may have regarding the lost dog’s whereabouts if seen around town.

Traditional outlets are still effective ways to reach your community members and get the message out there. Posting flyers and contacting nearby animal control units, shelters and veterinary clinics should never be left out when searching for a lost pet.

Maybe the most important tip to keep in mind when you’re dog has gone missing – don’t give up!

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