Pet Tales:Precise Pet Food Fuels BlackFoot Labradors Success

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Danielle Pellicci of BlackFoot Labradors in South Carolina writes:

I’d like you to know that Precise is “fueling” our valuable competitive hunt test and field trial Labrador Retrievers.

 About a year ago, we switched to Precise and I have noticed marked improvements in the coat conditions in a variety of our dogs at our kennel. Stool output is low and muscle tone and endurance levels are maintained beautifully. Pending the season and each individual dog’s metabolism, we feed our labs either the Precise Competition or Endurance formulas. We can switch from one formula to the other without upsetting digestion, which is a great asset as we move from a slow to busy hunting competition season.

We also feed our 11-year-old Parson Russell terrier, who is retired from agility and earth dog competition, Precise Holistic Grain Free formula. He has been literally at death’s door twice for a medical condition so dietary requirements are essential for him.

In addition to our “pedigreed pack,” my husband and I rescue one dog a year (rehabilitate/train/re-home) and recently sent home dog number 13 for us! George, a Miniature Australian Shepherd mix puppy, was the second of our rescues to be nurtured back to health by Precise Small and Medium Breed Puppy formula. His condition was severe when we found him, and in a matter of a month of great nutrition and veterinary assistance, he was healthy enough to be sent to his forever home. His new family intends to keep him on Precise food.

We at BlackFoot Labradors do not take what we feed our dogs lightly. Precise Pet food formulas fuel our dogs who are not just our livelihood, but also a VERY important part of our LIVES.

 We are thrilled to have found a brand that all of our dogs can eat. 

Thank you, Danielle!  It is wonderful to hear that the BlackFoot Labrador pack is doing well, looking sharp, and enjoying Precise! We appreciate your commitment to your dogs health and well being, and for your years of rescue efforts.  Best of luck with your upcoming competitions.


All images provided by BlackFoot Labradors

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