Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

We spend a lot of time teaching our pets. For example, you get a kitten or a puppy and then spend hours teaching him/her proper behaviors, commands or tricks. Now take a step back and let your pet be the teacher.

  • Find something you love and do it over and over. Dogs love to play fetch. They get enjoyment from running after a ball, bringing it to you, and running after it again. Take the time to do an activity that you will enjoy the first time as well as the hundredth.
  • While many of us pick on cats for constantly taking naps, we do have something to learn from them. Naps have the power to counteract the stress of the day. Who wouldn’t want to feel awake and relaxed twice in a day?
  • After you take that nice cat nap, take a moment to stretch. There are many health benefits to stretching, not just before or after exercising. Use your pet’s stretching time as a reminder for yourself to stretch a little.
  • Pets have an uncanny sense to be a friend. If you’re sad or upset, your pet will be the first one by your side without saying a word. Just be present and don’t be afraid to just sit with a friend in silence.
  • Actions speak louder than words. Although dogs can’t say a single word, they have many ways of expressing their affections. Think of ways you can show love for someone without using words.

Always keep in mind your pets may have a little more to offer us than cute looks. Our four-legged friends can teach us a little bit about life.

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