Scientist Discovers New Solution to Prevent Barking

dog bark

Every dog barks, but for years, dog owners have been searching for a solution to prevent their pets’ excessive yapping. If your dog is acting disobedient, new scientific developments suggest that you should spray it with pig pheromones. This ‘pig perfume’ solution has proved to be the essential ingredient to calming excitable pups.

Texas Tech University animal behavior scientist, John McGlone, serendipitously unearthed the effect of the pig pheromones when spraying the solution at his Cairn terrier, Toto, one day as a reaction to his dog’s tireless barking fit. The formula worked flawlessly, and the Toto stopped barking and calmed down entirely.

The miraculous ingredient that composes this pet owner’s miracle spray is androstenone, a chemical compound found in boar saliva. Androstenone smells pungent to humans, but it has been found to have a strong effect on mammal behavior. In fact, the pheromone not only counteracts barking, but also helps prevent other incessant dog behaviors, such as jumping frantically on guests, as well as behaviors associated with biting and scratching.

While McGlone’s “pig perfume” has yet to hit market, there is a dog appeasing pheromone product that imitates the smell that a nursing mother gives off to her pups, and is sold in time-release collars.


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We’ve heard of the crazy cat lady, but what about a cat saint?

cat nurse

In her day-to-day job, Maria Torero works as a nurse in Lima, Peru. When at home, the 45-year-old caregiver continues her nursing job, only instead of helping humans, she cares for 175 terminally ill cats.

Torero has built a hospice for cats with feline Leukemia. Her two-floor, eight-room apartment is filled with heaps of feeding dishes and litter boxes. One would likely prefer to shelter healthy cats, but Torero claims that it is her duty to take care of the cats that nobody cares about, cats that will eventually die.

Feline Leukemia is usually transmitted through direct contact, mutual grooming and the sharing of litter boxes, food and water bowls, and the disease has spread quickly throughout the cat population of Peru. Torero finds the cats in the streets of Lima and has them tested for leukemia. Sadly, most have the disease.

Torero’s goal is to make her feline patients feel as happy, healthy and comfortable as possible including treating the cats for parasites. She even names the cats and dresses many in small shirts!

Torero acts as a true hero towards her cats, and feels that her main purpose is to give them the most love and respect that she possibly can.

Maria Torero passion for helping animals is truly inspiring. If you have a big heart for dogs or cats in need, we would love to hear your story!

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Visit Us at Backer’s Total Pet Expo

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We’re in Chicago to attend the Backer Total Pet Expo! If you are in Chicago or are attending, be sure to stop by our booth (Booth #812) and say hello!

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Congratulations to Pam Dunn and her Grand Champion Husky, Ryder

2014 Ryder BOB at Terry All(300DPI)

Pam Dunn, owner of Timbermist Tracks Kennel in Casper, Wyoming, has raised several Champion Huskies on Precise Naturals® Foundation and Endurance Formulas. She began feeding her dogs Precise 3-4 years ago and has had great success.

Her most recent champion is Grand Champion (GCH) Timbermist Tracks Midnight Ryder who took Best of Breed at the Terry All Kennel Club Dog Show in April. Timbermist Tracks Kennel is a major sponsor of the Casper Mountain Sled Dog Races that takes place annually in Casper.

Best wishes and continued success from all of us here at Precise.

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DNA Testing for Dog Ancestry

For years, humans have researched their origin and ancestry. Finding out where we come from is part of the curiosity that is built into our DNA. But didyou know that you can now look up your pets ancestry line?

For dog owners with mixed breeds, the method of DNA testing for breeding backgrounds has sharply grown in the past year, and has become a beneficial tool for discovering much needed information about their loved pets.

Acquired through a saliva sample via simple cheek swab, your dog’s DNA can be sent to a vet, pet store or online dog DNA-testing retailer to be cross-referenced with an extensive genetic database, which through testing will provide a series of breed signatures.

The resulting breed signatures provide information on the breeds that make up your dog, offer insight into your dog’s personality and behavior, disclose potential health risks associated with that breed and provide you with the assurance of knowing who your dog really is, facilitating an even closer bond with your pup!

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Pet Gadgets

You may have all the newest apps and gadgets of 2014, but does your dog and cat? Check out the latest pet trends to find out what your furry friend is missing out on.


This subscription box service allows your dog to try new treats and toys every month, 3 months or 6 months. Sign up for a plan and a variety of quality dog products will be delivered to your door.

KONG Glide ‘N Seek
This battery-operated toy will get your cat moving in no time. Using magnetic levitation technology to make feathers bounce, jump and spin unpredictably out of peek-a-boo holes, Glide ‘n Seek will keep cats on the hunt.

Motorola Scout1000 Wireless Video Pet Monitor
This video monitor allows you to check on your animals from a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can see what is happening while you are away from the house or just in the other room. This gadget allows you to talk to your pet or play them a selection of four soothing songs.

The ThunderLeash is a “no-pull” solution for over-excited dogs. This hardware turns a standard leash in a simple harness that puts gentle pressure on your dog’s torso when they pull, causing them to stop pulling.

MagnaPETic Magnetic Relief Pad
This magnetic powered relief pad is specifically designed to provide therapeutic comfort to pets experiencing chronic pain or discomfort after a trauma or injury. Available in three sizes, the pad is filled with 800-gauss therapeutic magnets for your pet’s restorative needs.

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