Fun Fall Activities for you and your Furry Friend

Fall is a great time of year; the air turns crisp, the leaves change, and there are new outdoor activities to enjoy. From hayrides, to apple picking, to bundling up with a warm cup of pumpkin spiced coffee; it’s safe to say that fall is a highly anticipated season by all, including our furry companions! Here’s a look at five fun activities for you and your pets this fall.

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1.Take a visit to the pumpkin patch

The coming of fall can only mean one thing: pumpkin season. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin bread are on the menu and now it’s time to make the annual trip to your local pumpkin patch. Before you go, call to see if your favorite pumpkin patch allows pets to tag along! Many will allow well-behaved dogs as long as you have them on a leash. Just remember to clean up after them and be sure to bring plenty of food and water!

2. Camping/Hiking

Fall is one of the best times of the year for getting outdoors! Cooler temperatures will allow for longer excursions and the changing colors of the leaves can provide some absolutely breathtaking scenery. It can also be a great chance to spend some quality time outside with your dog or cat! There are plenty of beautiful trails to walk and fires to sit by with your furry friend! Before you go, make sure that your pet’s flea and tick medicine is up-to-date so that they can have the time of their life without being hindered by annoying itches.

3. Football/Tailgating

Football season is officially back, and with it, the return of weekend tailgates. While you’re making tailgate plans, bring your dog or cat in on the fun! Dress them up in your favorite team’s jersey and let them get prepared for the game with you and your friends. And we all know that most pets aren’t content just sitting on the sidelines, so get them in on the action! Grab a ball and head outside to play a game of one-on-one. Both of you are guaranteed to have a blast!

4. Dog Parks

Fall is one of the best times of the year to bring your dog to the dog park. The cooler air allows for maximum playtime and there are plenty of leaf piles to pounce in and run through! Call up your friends and have a pet play date that will entertain both you and your pet for hours. Who knows, maybe your dog will meet some new friends!

5. Halloween

Last, but definitely not least, fall means Halloween. Halloween is one of the most festive holidays of the year, so why not let your pet get in on the hilarity? Dressing your dog or cat up in a costume can be loads of fun! Struggling to come up with a costume idea on your own? There are plenty of creative costume ideas right at your fingertips. You may even decide to coordinate with your pet! On all Hallows’ Eve, be sure to send pictures of your pet’s costume to Precise’s Twitter or Facebook accounts using the hashtag “#Howloween.”

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Ingredients to pursue, and to avoid when shopping for your furry friend

Choosing the right pet food for your furry friend can be hard. Between all of the sensational claims and massive ingredient lists, it’s easy to just choose a familiar brand; one you recognize from television commercials, or while flipping through the Sunday paper. Pet companies will often put labels on their foods that sound great on the surface, but do not hold up under scrutiny. Some pet food companies cut corners by providing ingredients in their foods that can potentially be harmful to your pet’s well-being. Choose the optimal food for your pet by knowing what ingredients to look for.


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Dogs and cats are carnivores, which means that the most important part of their diet is the meat that they consume. Avoid unidentified sources of meat, such as protein that is simply described as “meat, animal or poultry.” Instead, look for proteins that are clearly labeled with a high-quality, identifiable protein source such as beef, turkey, lamb or chicken. This should be the first ingredient that you see in your pet’s food. Meats with the word “meal” added to them (chicken meal, lamb meal, etc.) can also contain high-quality proteins.

In addition to protein, your pet will also want some kind of fat or oil in their food. Make sure that you can identify where the fat or oil comes from. Chicken fat is one of the best sources of fat, with fish oils and beef fat also being good alternatives. The next few ingredients can vary, but look for fruits, vegetables or high-quality grains to compliment the proteins in your pet food.


Ingredients such as corn, wheat or “grain fragments” are used as an affordable bonding agent for pet food and can be harmful to your furry friend because of the difficulties that your pet might have in digesting them. If your food of choice does have a grain, make sure it is a high-quality whole grain like rice or oats. Rice is much easier to digest than corn or wheat, making it a much better option for pet foods.

At Precise, we are pet parents first, and want the best for our furry companions. Precise is dedicated to providing the best possible food for your pet and our formulas use healthy, proven ingredients. Precise Naturals®, Precise’s standard brand of dry pet food, holds up to all requirements listed above. It starts with high-quality chicken and lamb meal, which are then complimented by high-quality rice and oats, sunflower oil and flaxseed. These ingredients combine to provide a highly nutritious pet food for your dog or cat!

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Meet Bretagne: America’s Four-Legged Search and Rescue Hero

When we think of heroes, we usually think of fictional superheroes, swooping in at the last minute to save the day. Sometimes we forget, not all heroes wear capes, or even walk on two legs. Rescue dogs have been called on countless times to put their lives on the line to save people in jeopardy. Meet Bretagne, the last living rescue dog from 9/11.

Bretagne + Denise

Image Credit: Denise Corliss

Bretagne (pronounced “Britany”) and handler Denise Corliss were fresh out of FEMA training when they received the call that their services would be needed in New York City where the World Trade Center had been destroyed in a terrorist attack. The city of New York needed disaster relief teams to respond immediately in order to save as many lives as possible. At the age of two, Bretagne’s first assignment would be to perform in a search and rescue mission in the middle of one of the worst tragedies in American History.

Bretagne and her handler, Denise, tirelessly worked 12-hour shifts for nearly two weeks, searching through the rubble for any sign of survivors.

The mental, physical, and emotional stress from 9/11 serves as an overwhelming memory to first responders and victims. Finding survivors was not the only service that the dogs provided to those affected. The search and rescue dogs also functioned as therapy dogs for the worn down crew, many dealing with the loss of close friends and family. The dogs brought the power of hope to the rescue teams and helped them find the strength to deal with the travesty.

Denise knew when Bretagne was a puppy that she would be a fantastic rescue dog candidate. The golden retriever puppy’s “pushy” behavior hinted toward Bretagne’s never-give-up attitude. According to Denise, rescue dogs need to have a high toy drive (be extremely motivated by toys), prey drive, nerve strength and the ability to focus. While it is argued that some breeds are better made for search and rescue than others, Sarah Stuart of South Western Ohio Search and Rescue says that the attitude of the dog is much more important than the breed.

Bretagne also served in Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ivan. Because of her courage, and aid during 9/11, Bretagne was nominated, and became a finalist for the 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

She recently celebrated her 16th birthday in New York City with Denise.

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Coconut Oil Remedies…for your Pet?


We’ve all heard of the benefits of using coconut oil; however, you’ve probably never considered using them for your pet. That’s right, pet owners-bloggers and veterinarians alike are raving about the many benefits of using coconut oil for your pet.

External Benefits

Coconut oil can be used topically for your pet. Applied to the body of your pet, coconut oil serves as a moisturizer providing your pet with a beautiful, sleek coat and healthier skin. It also helps to cure skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and yeast and fungal infections. It also has the ability to disinfect cuts and promote the healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots, dry skin and hair, bites and stings.

With all of the confirmed benefits that coconut oil provide, there are also some claims about it that have not been confirmed through research. Some of these claims include coconut oil helping to decrease the chance of cancer, dental calculus and periodontal disease.

Internal Benefits

Pet owners are also transforming their pet’s diet by adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to their dry food, and the results have been exponential. Research has proven that ingesting coconut oil helps prevent, and aid many diseases including, inflammatory bowel disease, lymphangectasia, cognitive dysfunction, skin diseases and even arthritis, as well as giving your pet increased vitality and energy.

Along with being extremely healthy for your pet, some owners have even reported that adding coconut oil to their pet’s food has helped to increase their appetite. Pet parents have reported that their furry ones find coconut oil to be a tasty addition to the average dry pet food; even picky eaters have been known to love the nutritious addition!

Coconut oil might not be right for every furry friend due to certain allergies or if your pet lacks the need for an increase in appetite. Once you get the green light from your veterinarian, try combining the healing and preventative characteristics of coconut oil with Precise’s Holistic Complete® for your dog or cat to provide your pet with the nutrition it needs to stay happy and healthy!

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