Christmas Pet Safety Tips

December is one of the most joyful times of the year: the family Christmas tree is put up, the halls are decked with boughs of holly, and elves are placed on shelves. As magnificent as these decorations are, some of them can peak your pets’ curiosity, and accidents can happen. We know that your pets are a vital part of your family, so we’ve compiled some tips on how to make sure that your pet can stay safe while participating in the holiday festivities!

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  1. The Tree

Christmas trees are a vital part of any house during the holiday season, and for good reason: they’re beautiful. And what is a Christmas tree without lights and ornaments? Unfortunately, the shiny lights and sparkling ornaments can attract your pet’s attention and can harm your pets. To prevent unwanted accidents, avoid hanging these decorations on the lowest branches of the tree. If possible, try to keep your tree in a corner or in a separate room so that your pets will not be attracted by it and be tempted to pounce on it. Additionally, if you have a live Christmas tree, make sure that you keep the area below the tree free of pine needles as the ingestion of pine needles can puncture your pet’s intestines.


  1. Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettias, and Tinsel

While these holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are fantastic additions to your home during the Christmas season, they can be extremely dangerous for your pets. Ingestingly, these plants can cause severe gastrointestinal and cardiovascular issues for your pets. Instead of using live plants, you can opt for artificial plants that look just as nice. However, we also understand that there are purists out there that would never, ever use artificial plants. If you fall into this category, just make sure that you place these decorations in places where your pet has no chance of getting to them. This advice also applies to tinsel, the shiny decoration that is placed throughout households. Tinsel is also harmful if ingested, so keep it out of reach of your furry friend!


  1. The Shocking Truth About Wires

With all of the lights and electronic decorations that people put up during the holidays, there are bound to be a few extra wires lying around the house. Most wires can be easily bitten through, which could result in accidental electrocutions. Avoid this problem by taping all indoor and outdoor wires to the wall to keep them out of the sight of your pet!


  1. Playing with Fire

Multiple holidays, most notably Hanukkah, use candles for ceremonies and as decorations. However, pets don’t know to be careful around candles and could burn themselves or even start a fire by knocking over a table. To avoid either of these occurrences from happening, follow these quick safety rules: place all candles on high, flat, and stable surfaces that your pet can’t reach or knock over, blow out all candles when you leave the room, if possible, and put grates or screens over your fireplaces to avoid burns.


  1. Christmas Cookie Curiosity

The holiday season brings with it a multitude of sweets and specialty foods, most of which are not safe for your pet. While you already know not to feed your pet chocolate and other sweets, remember to avoid giving your pets fatty and spicy foods! While these things smell delicious, they are bad for pets, so be sure to keep your food out of reach so that they don’t accidently ingest something that they shouldn’t!

While some of these tips take a little extra work, they can go a long way in making sure that both you and your pets have a wonderful holiday season!

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Santa Paws is coming to town…

December is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but it can also come with its fair share of stress. One of the biggest sources of stress can be figuring out gifts for your loved ones. Pets can be especially difficult to shop for because they can’t even make a list! Plus, what do you get someone who already gets to eat Precise Naturals every day? That’s a pretty difficult question to answer, but we’ve done our best to compile a simple gift guide that will help you find the perfect present for your furry friend this Christmas.

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Get into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a wonderful holiday for families, and your pets are going to want to get in on the fun as well. There are all kinds of affordable Christmas-themed toys and treats on the market for pets that are guaranteed to get your pets into the spirit!

Pet Tech

Technology is constantly advancing in both the human world and the pet world. There are quite a few helpful inventions for your pets that could help make both their life and your life better.

  • Check out the Original Doggie Fountain, a water system that allows your dog to access water whenever they wish while also conserving water!
  • Looking for a cheap, but super cool gift for your dog (and yourself)? Take a look at the Dog Treat Launcher. Its spring-loaded trigger system launches small treats into the air, testing your pooch’s reflexes and turning treat time into playtime. And we know just what treat to pair this toy with—Precise’s Healthy Habit® Dog Treats!
  • Cats can be hard to please, but they’ll be sure to love this Christmas-themed Mouse Toy!
  • Check out this cathouse that is perfect for the fiercest of felines: the Airplane Cat House. Built like a fighter jet from World War II, your cat will love sitting in the cockpit of this ingenious design.
  • For a cat that likes to hunt, let them practice anytime they want with the Petsafe Pounce Toy. The automated toy will give your cat hours of fun while they chase “Marshal Maus” around the track!

Christmas Style

Christmas sweater season isn’t just for humans. BaxterBoo has an entire line of doggie sweaters that will keep your dog warm in the winter season! More of a cat person? Check out PetSmart’s new line of kitty Christmas clothes including sweaters, hats, and full outfits!

While all of these gifts are pretty PAWesome, the biggest gift that you can give your pet is your love and affection in the Christmas season!

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Quick Tips for Staying Warm and Cuddly This Winter

The winter season is upon us, and with it comes colder temperatures and adverse weather. Many of us have our tried and true methods for keeping safe and warm in winter weather, but have you given thought to how you will keep your furry friend warm in the frigid conditions? We’ve compiled a list of simple tactics that you can use this winter to make sure that your pet stays comfortable and happy in the cold.

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Keep them indoors

This is the simplest solution for keeping your pet warm. As temperatures drop, we light our fireplaces and turn our heaters on, making the interior of our houses the warmest place for both you and your pet to be. Some pets stay inside most of the year anyways, making this a seamless transition. However, if your pet usually stays outside, take this as a chance to spend some more quality time with them!

Prepare them for the elements

While keeping them inside is the best option, we understand that some pets will need to remain outside for the winter. Your pet’s main protection against winter weather is their fur, so be sure to avoid trimming or cutting your dog’s hair before the winter season. However, be sure to keep your pet’s fur brushed and combed as matted hair isn’t as effective at warding off the cold. In addition, keep the hairs around their paws trimmed to avoid ice or snow building up between footpads!

Provide adequate shelter

Once again, we understand that every situation is not going to allow for a pet to stay inside, but you need to provide some kind of shelter. If you want to have a doghouse, make sure that it has a sloped roof, insulation, and, if possible, a small heater so that your dog will stay warm through the coldest nights. Make sure that their bedding is substantial enough to keep in their body heat and that any places that could let air in are covered.

Adjust their diet

Just like us, pets need more calories to help fight the cold, so consult your vet about increasing your pet’s diet for the winter months. However, if your pet stays indoors most of the time and doesn’t really need the extra calories, as raising the calories consumed without raising the calories burned can result in quick weight gain (just like us during the holidays!).

Always keep in mind that different breeds can handle the cold in varying degrees: breeds with larger coats or pets that have been bred for cold climates may actually enjoy the cold weather while toy breeds and cats may not be able to withstand the cold as well. For food, check out our Precise Holistic Complete formula, which features ingredients like flaxseed and fish oil to give your dog a strong coat for the winter!

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Holiday Exercise Tips for Your Pets (and You!)

The close of the year brings about the biggest “food” holidays of the year, featuring delectable delicacies like turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and for your furry friend, Precise’s Wild at Heart Flight Line dog food. A great, fun way to get back into shape after chowing down is to exercise with your pet! Take a look at some different ideas that we have found for keeping both you and your pet happy and healthy!

Run the Dog

We’ve all heard of walking the dog, but have you ever tried running with your canine cohort? Running with your dog and exploring the outdoors can be great fun for both you and your four-legged friend. Dogs are familiar with a slower walking speed, so running will be a great change of pace for them, especially for active breeds! Be sure to stop, hydrate your canine, and then proceed on your journey!

Catch the Light

Cats are often much more idle than dogs and less willing to go along with instructions, but if you can catch their attention, they can become extremely active! Most people know that cats love chasing lights, so use a flashlight, or a laser on a flat surface and your cat can chase after it, attempting to “catch” it, providing them with exercise and you with entertainment! If you want to add an element of exercise to your job in this scenario, keep the flashlight in your hand while you do sit-ups or do cardio. The light will move naturally during your exercise, allowing you and your cat to exercise together!

Back To School

Another great way for getting your dog active is to enroll them in an agility or swimming class. Agility classes involve a lot of running and jumping, giving your dog more than enough exercise. In addition, classes like these allow them to socialize with other dogs and keep their mind sharp by learning new things! Some larger cities even have doggie swimming pools that are fantastic for those of you with water-loving dogs.


Both cats and dogs love to play games with you, often more so than regular exercise. Playing fetch with your dog or playing keep-away with your cat can give them a lot of exercise and make for great quality time for you and your pet! Playing with your pet doesn’t take too much time or effort on your part, so you can fit in a play session at any time in your busy schedule.

Exercising is vital for your pet, as it strengthens their muscles and keeps their heart healthy. Dogs especially can be almost endless balls of energy, which can help keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals as well. Get your New Year’s resolutions started early and get back in shape with your furry friend!

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