Quick Tips for Staying Warm and Cuddly This Winter

The winter season is upon us, and with it comes colder temperatures and adverse weather. Many of us have our tried and true methods for keeping safe and warm in winter weather, but have you given thought to how you will keep your furry friend warm in the frigid conditions? We’ve compiled a list of simple tactics that you can use this winter to make sure that your pet stays comfortable and happy in the cold.

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Keep them indoors

This is the simplest solution for keeping your pet warm. As temperatures drop, we light our fireplaces and turn our heaters on, making the interior of our houses the warmest place for both you and your pet to be. Some pets stay inside most of the year anyways, making this a seamless transition. However, if your pet usually stays outside, take this as a chance to spend some more quality time with them!

Prepare them for the elements

While keeping them inside is the best option, we understand that some pets will need to remain outside for the winter. Your pet’s main protection against winter weather is their fur, so be sure to avoid trimming or cutting your dog’s hair before the winter season. However, be sure to keep your pet’s fur brushed and combed as matted hair isn’t as effective at warding off the cold. In addition, keep the hairs around their paws trimmed to avoid ice or snow building up between footpads!

Provide adequate shelter

Once again, we understand that every situation is not going to allow for a pet to stay inside, but you need to provide some kind of shelter. If you want to have a doghouse, make sure that it has a sloped roof, insulation, and, if possible, a small heater so that your dog will stay warm through the coldest nights. Make sure that their bedding is substantial enough to keep in their body heat and that any places that could let air in are covered.

Adjust their diet

Just like us, pets need more calories to help fight the cold, so consult your vet about increasing your pet’s diet for the winter months. However, if your pet stays indoors most of the time and doesn’t really need the extra calories, as raising the calories consumed without raising the calories burned can result in quick weight gain (just like us during the holidays!).

Always keep in mind that different breeds can handle the cold in varying degrees: breeds with larger coats or pets that have been bred for cold climates may actually enjoy the cold weather while toy breeds and cats may not be able to withstand the cold as well. For food, check out our Precise Holistic Complete formula, which features ingredients like flaxseed and fish oil to give your dog a strong coat for the winter!

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