Plan Your Pet-Cation 2016

Summer. The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and a getaway adventure is calling your name—and your pet’s! Grab your pet’s leash, favorite formula, and get packing; the Precise team has sought out the world’s top-petcation destinations just for you:

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Key West, FL

If you’re in the mood to unwind by the coast, Key West, FL is the place for you and your furry friend. Not only are three three pet-friendly beaches at your fingertips, there are also a variety of activities that you can add to your itinerary too. If you and your pet love the water, Lazy Dog Kayak can supply you with a paddleboard or a kayak! To wind down the evening, head over to Island Dogs Bar for delicious bar food!

Gatlinburg, TN

Want to hit the trail? Head to the Great Smoky Mountains with your furry friend in tow, but make sure to bring their leash! Dogs are allowed to explore the camping grounds, picnic areas, and paved areas. Following your trek, you and your pet can shop ‘til you drop at Paws & Claws Pet Fashion and Simply Animals! When your day comes to a close, grab a burger at Howard’s out on the patio!

Tahoe City, CA

If you and your furry friend like a bit of variety with your adventure, you’ll enjoy Tahoe City. Head to Truckee River Rafting for self-guided rafting trips along the 5-mile stretch of river; be sure to bring some snacks and water for this 2-4-hour excursion, and some Healthy Habits Treats for your pup! When you’re ready to test out your land legs, head to Tahoe Cross Country for more than 8 KM of bike trails. Though your pet won’t have wheels of their own, racing down the trail along your side will be even more fun for them!

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is filled with rich history, and plenty of dog trails! The former homeland of George Washington features a variety of outdoor tours like Alexandria’s Footsteps of the Past Walking Tour, that your pet can join in on for free! If you’re in the mood for a stroll, head to Old Town where you’ll find free treats and water bowls set out for your pet to enjoy!  With canine cruises, and more, this place seems to be a dog’s paradise. And get this, you’re not too far from Washington, D.C. where your furry friend can give the First Pets of the U.S. a howl!

Catch a wave, explore new terrains, or blaze the trail for your own adventure, all with your number one companion at your side. Where do you see yourself and your furry friend this summer?

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The 5 Most Important Commands to Teach Your Pet

Training your pet during their early stages of development is incredibly important. Not only will communicating with your pet strengthen your companionship with one another, it will also help you discover more about your pup’s behavior.

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The Precise team has defined the top five commands to teach your pup and how to jumpstart training! First, why don’t you pick up our Healthy Habits® treats to assist in your efforts.


To train your pup on how to sit on command, get down to your pet’s eye level. Grab a treat, and hold it close to your pet’s nose and move the treat up while holding your pet’s gaze. Your pup’s bottom will then naturally move downward. As this happens, say “sit.” If your pup sits, reinforce their good behavior by giving them a treat!


The “stay” command can be a bit tricky when all your pup wants to do is snuggle; however, it is a very important command to master. First, put your pet on a leash. Then, lower your palm flat toward their nose and say “stay.” Step away from your pup for a few seconds, and then move back beside them. If they stay, reward them, but also be sure to free them from the “stay” position by saying a release word like “okay.” Practice this command in multiple locations!

As we said before, “stay” can be tricky so be sure to be patient with your pup. They will grasp it before you know it!


After you’ve mastered “stay,” try getting your pup to stay seated while you back up 10 feet. After holding your pet’s attention, bend down and wave your pet to come forward while saying “come” in an encouraging tone. When your pet comes to you, reward them. Try practicing this command a few times, backing up further and further each time.

Having trouble? The Humane Society has two other methods that may help!


Ah, the patience command. This one is quite tricky, especially at meal and playtime. Following playtime outside is a good time to practice this command. Stand by the door and get your pet in the “sit” position. Slowly open the door while reciting “wait.” If your pet breaks the “sit” position, close the door and begin again. If your pet sits and “waits” until the door is fully open, give them your release word, “okay,” and allow them to walk outside. When this is complete, reward them and continue practicing!

Leave it

The command “leave it” is communicated to dogs to stop them from interacting with a certain object. Sit on the floor with your pup. In one hand, hold a Healthy Habits® treat; in the other, hold a small piece of bread. Place the piece of bread in sight of your pup. When your pup goes to inspect the bread, cover it up while reciting “leave it.” If your pup leaves the bread and returns to the sitting position, reward them with the Healthy Habits® treat.

Practice makes perfect! Be sure to repeat the exercises above before mealtime, prior to walking your pup, or whenever you have free time. When they are successful at performing a command, do not forget to reinforce their good behavior by giving them a good back scratch, praising them, or giving them a treat.

Think we left anything out? Or did we get a paw-fect 10? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Off to Deutschland we go!

So you’ve probably heard the buzz; we’re expanding!

Thanks to our friends at Kodo, Inc. in St. Helena, C.A., more pet parents, like you, will be able to provide their beloved cats and dogs with nutritious pet food for a strong and healthy lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.17.43 PM

To kick off the excitement, we’re heading to Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany May 26-29 to show European pet owners the benefits of our formulas.

What’s Interzoo you ask?

Well, it’s the biggest trade fair for the international pet industry. We’ll be setting up our booth alongside of Advanced Nutrition Formula Pet (ANF Pet, Inc.) a.k.a, the world’s first super food premium pet food formula, so we’ll be in great company.

Why are we so excited?

This is our opportunity to introduce ourselves, and what our formulas can do to an entirely new region. We are excited to expand our knowledge of the nutritional needs of our furry friends in Europe, and to help provide them with a pet food that’s right for them!

Our tails are wagging with excitement as we prepare for our retailer family to grow! Stay tuned for live updates of how our trip is going.

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Detecting Signs of Cancer Early in Dogs

This is easily one of our least favorite topics to blog about; however, it’s also one of the most important: detecting signs of cancer early in canines. This month is National Pet Cancer Awareness month, and we are honored to participate in the fight to help pet parents detect signs early, and take the appropriate measures needed to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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It’s no secret that pets have helped sniff-out signs of cancer in humans, and now, it’s our turn to return the favor. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10; fortunately, experts say that half of all cancers in canines are curable if caught early. Here are some symptoms to be aware of in some of the most common pet cancers:

Mast Cell Tumors: Skin Cancer

Though your dog has a full and healthy coat, they could still develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Mast cell tumors are defined as slow growing and rubber-like, found on the “trunk” of your dog’s body, and occasionally on the legs. This form of cancer is easily treatable if caught early. Dogs with lighter coats have a greater chance of becoming infected; be sure to take note of your dog’s time outside during the summer months and make sure they have easy access to a shaded area. Small tumors can also form on the hairless parts of your dog such as the nose or paw pads, so make sure those areas are protected by shade or sunscreen.

Malignant Lymphoma

There are five types of lymphoma, with the most common being Multi Centric Lymphoma, or painless swelling of the lymph nodes. The symptoms include a loss in appetite, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, shortness of breath, excessive urination, fever, anemia, and inflammation of the body and the lymph nodes.

Mammary Gland Tumors: Breast Cancer

Symptoms of mammary gland tumors include small or large metastatic growths that can occur in one or more of your pet’s glands. Be sure to routinely check your pet for unusual growths on their chest. Reduce the risk by spaying your pet. Hormones induce breast cancer in female dogs, so spaying your pet will greatly decrease the possibility.

Bone Tumors: Osteosarcoma

If you notice visible pain in your dog and swelling around the joints, it could be a sign of Osteosarcoma. Further symptoms may include: trouble swallowing and pain in opening the mouth, increase in sensitivity, irritability, aggression, lack of sleep, inactivity, and weight loss due to a loss of appetite.

If you notice any of these symptoms, or would like to have your dog checked-out, consult your veterinarian immediately. Our intention with this blog post is not to scare you, but simply, to make you aware of these symptoms in order to stop them in their tracks.

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