Five Halloween Treats to Avoid Giving Pets

Decorating the house, getting dressed up, and indulging in a variety of treats is what Halloween is all about. Waking up the day after Halloween with a ‘post party’ sugar crash and a stomach ache—not so much. Although you may not be feeling so great post-party, that doesn’t mean Fido has to be in the same state. Avoid these five Halloween treats to keep your pets happy and healthy during your spooky festivities:


Chocolate Covered Raisins

This sweet treat is a double ‘no-no’ as chocolate and raisins are toxic for pets. Chocolate is known to cause vomiting, seizures, and diarrhea; and raisins are known to potentially cause severe kidney failure. Avoid giving this sweet nightmare to your pets; in the case that your animal does consume this candy, be sure quickly contact your veterinarian to advise on next steps.

Candy Corn

This Halloween staple is difficult for anyone to stop eating after popping a couple pieces into their mouth. Just think – if people have a hard time resisting eating a whole bag at one time, imagine how hard Fido has to refrain from indulging. Candy corn is almost purely sugar and can cause severe diarrhea and gas in your furry friends, so be sure to stash these sweets away from paws reach.

Hard Candies and Wrappers

Small, hard candies are difficult for animals to chew and can end up getting caught in your animal’s windpipe causing potential choking. Also, just as you wouldn’t deliberately give your pet dangerous candies, be aware that candy wrappers can also pose serious, life-threatening hazards that could lead to surgical intervention.

Salty Foods

Many people like to pair salty snacks, like chips and pretzels, alongside sweet treats during Halloween. Although you may enjoy these salty-sweet flavors, avoid sharing these snacks with your animals as it can lead to serious side effects including vomiting, diarrhea, high temperatures, and seizures.


You may be thinking, “well that’s a no-brainer,” but we’re not just referring to drinking. What most pet parents don’t realize is that giving animals foods that are baked with alcohol (i.e. cakes, cookies) can potentially cause the same effects as giving them the real thing. If you plan on baking Halloween treats that contain alcohol, be sure to place it in an area where your furry friends are unable to reach.

We don’t mean to frighten you before All Hallows Eve—but let’s face it, no one wants to become a sick puppy during the festivities. By avoiding these five foods during this spooky evening, you can ensure your animal’s health stays up to par.

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Six Halloween Party Safety Tips

It’s no secret – everyone loves a good Halloween party. The excuse to dress up, decorate, and indulge in an abundance of candy while dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” makes any person count down the days until party time. But before you get down to enjoy this haunted holiday, remember that your pet’s safety comes first. Ensure your pets have a happy, spook-free Halloween with these six party tips:


Designate a ‘Safe Room’

Although Halloween is a fun and exciting time for people, it may seem like a true nightmare for pets. If you know that your animal gets easily overwhelmed and anxious around loud noises or large groups, create a safe room that is solely theirs to escape to. Keep the door closed and provide a cozy bed with a few toys, a bowl of Precise Naturals®, and water to keep them occupied until your party comes to an end.

Stash the Sweets

Halloween candy is tempting for people and pets alike. So be sure to stash the Halloween food and candy somewhere where your furry friends are unable to get their paws into trouble – because after all, ‘tis the season for mischief and mayhem.

Stay Away from Harmful Decorations

When decorating for Halloween, we often don’t take into account our pet’s safety. Before you decide to go all out this year with the spookiest decor you can find, be aware of which decorations pose threats and could result in harmful effects for your furry friend. Although some are obvious (such as candle-lit pumpkins), here are some not-so-obvious potentially dangerous decorations.

Be Careful When Choosing Halloween Costumes

We agree, finding that perfect matching costume with your pet might just be the highlight of your Halloween. Even though they’ll look cuter than ever dressed as superman, make sure that your pets enjoy being in the costume as much as you enjoy seeing them in it. If the costume constrains their movements, breathing, or causes distress, be sure to remove the costume and let them go au natural in their birthday suit.

Keep Pets Away from the Door

Because of the frequent opening and closing of doors during Halloween, along with the frightening factor that unusual costumes have on our furry friends, this night could scare your animals and cause extreme anxiety, which could lead to your animals escape out of the front or back door. Be aware that these factors can cause fear in your pets, and if you are unable to secure a safety room, always keep tags and ID’s on your animals in the case that Fido slips away.

Don’t Leave Your Pets in the Yard

Although Halloween can be fun and festive, remember that it’s also the time of year that pranksters may decide to mess with your pets by letting them go or feeding them harmful snacks. Be sure to bring your animals (especially cats) inside before the sun sets to ensure their safety, or take them out on a leash if necessary. It’s always a good idea to especially adorn your animal with their collar and identification during Halloween.

As pet parents, we want the best for our furry loved ones. Keep these tips in mind as you enjoy this spooky holiday, so that your pets can too have a happy, safe Halloween.

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Six Fall Flavor Toppers for Your Pet’s Dinner

It’s halfway through one of the most beautiful months of the year—leaves are changing, the cool weather is here to stay, and Halloween is only a few weeks away. That means, it’s finally acceptable to break out all of the fall flavors we’ve been anxiously waiting to indulge in; but hey, who says your pets can’t have a little piece of heaven too? Sharing is caring; make your animal’s dinner more exciting by adding these six fall flavors.



Who doesn’t love pumpkin? Pair your pumpkin-carving night by adding a dollop of canned pumpkin to your animal’s bowl for a quick flavor boost. Not only does pumpkin offer a yummy taste, but it’s also rich in fiber and can benefit your animal’s digestion, urinary health, and weight loss. Have too much leftover pumpkin? Spice things up by baking these pumpkin treats which are sure to be a hit in any pet lover’s home.


Fall is the perfect time to take your animals alongside your apple-picking adventures. Reward their good behavior by giving them a taste of the fruit of their labor. Apples provide a low-calorie, ‘sweet treat’ without the added sugar and negative effects. Be sure to remove the core and all seeds from the apple prior to feeding, as they contain chemical compounds that are poisonous for animals.


Cranberries are packed with healthy benefits and nutrients for your animal’s overall well-being. Test out your furry friend’s linking to the tart taste of fresh, raw cranberries; and hey, if they like it, more power to them! If they don’t, that’s okay too—cook the cranberries down in water and simply spoon some into Fido’s bowl of Precise Naturals® for a healthy and flavorful twist.

Chicken or Turkey Broth

There’s nothing like coming home to a homemade bowl of chicken noodle soup during the cold weather. Cats and dogs alike also enjoy the hearty taste of chicken and turkey broth. That being said, think twice and save the carcass next time you whip up a pot of your favorite soup. Throw the bones in boiling water, cook it down for a couple of hours, and remove all the meat from the bones—leaving your animals with a healthy, homemade bone broth that can be poured over their kibble and enjoyed for days.

Sweet Potato

Known for being rich in beta-carotene, this high-fiber superfood can provide a wide source of minerals, along with protection against cancer and heart disease. Although you may prefer your sweet potatoes smothered in sugar and butter, your pets can only eat them in small portions—either raw, cubed, or cooked without any additives.

Squash or Zucchini

Squash and Zucchini are two veggies that your animals likely won’t have a preference on how it’s prepared; they are flavorful baked, steamed, or raw! These veggies are known to help with your animal’s fur and skin, are a good source of potassium and vitamin C, and can boost weight loss for overweight animals.

Remember that although these fall foods can provide a yummy addition to your pet’s dinner feast, it is important to refrain from over-feeding them. Be sure to prepare small portions to keep your animal’s tummy happy and healthy.

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Four Reasons to Train Your Pup

Training your pup may seem like a challenge, but the reward is worth the patience that comes with the labor. Whether you’d like a well-mannered pup, or peace of mind when you leave Fido unattended, there are many benefits that can accompany obedience training. The Precise team has compiled four basic reasons why obedience training will make your household an even happier place—get the Healthy Habits treats ready:


Maintains Order in the Household

You like your stuff, right? And when we say that, we assume you like your stuff in good physical condition. Unless you enjoy dealing with missing shoes, featherless pillows, distressed furniture, or a morning surprise on your carpet. Your pet may be naturally well-mannered, but there’s nothing wrong with reinforcing the good behavior. Implementing training practices to keep you and your pooch on the same page and will further increase your respect for one another (and your things) in the house.

Keeps Your Pet Out of Trouble

We’re sure the neighborhood doesn’t appreciate “Howling at the Moon” on repeat each night (and maybe you as well). To keep the neighborhood lifestyle civil, be sure that your pet learns self-control. Whether your pet is overly excitable, or a bit skittish, it’s important to train them how to interact with neighborhood dogs and people, to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of your neighbors.

Minimizes the Chance of Behavior Issues

Having a well-behaved pet also yields the opportunity for more adventure! Whether your trip takes you to a leash-free zone, or enables your pet to socialize with other dogs, be assured that there will be minimal chance for a negative reaction from your pet. Have Fido out and about on a stress-free journey knowing that they will behave and will be comfortable in a new environment.

Strengthens Your Relationship

Not only will your pup become more well-mannered, but the time you spend together will strengthen the bond you have with one another. The fun and enjoyable times that you will share while training will also feature tons of unconditional love and memories to last a lifetime.

Whether your companion is a playful pup, or an old soul, it’s never too late to begin training your dog. Why else do you think it’s important for your pet to become obedient? Let us know in the comments below!

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