Preventing Yeast Infections, One Cup at a Time

Keeping your pet in tip-top shape is a part of our mission. We may not be able to speak ‘dog’ or ‘cat,’ but what we do know is how to create kibble that is nutritious and healthy for your fur babies.

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Often times, your pet’s health concerns are caused by a very common underlying condition—a yeast infection. Yes, our four-legged friends can get them too—but we’re here to help prevent that.

What is a yeast infection exactly? Yeast is a bacterium that occurs naturally in the intestinal tract of healthy people and animals alike. When immune systems are underactive or weak, yeast bacteria can proliferate and take over. If left untreated, yeast infections can irritate your pet, and can further lead to bladder infections, skin disorders, joint pain, and many other health issues.

But don’t worry- the Precise Team is here to help you get rid of this tricky infection once and for all. The best way to prevent yeast infections is with a probiotic, meat, and supplement-rich diet. The good news is our holistic products are packed with all three. Take it from our nutritionist, Carolyn Kennedy:

“The Precise Holistic and Precise Holistic Grain Free products contain a blend of prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that thrive in the gut under favorable conditions, to stop the bad bacteria from proliferating. Prebiotics are the “food” for the healthy bacteria, to keep them growing. By including prebiotics and probiotics in the Precise Holistic products, we are giving the dog’s GI tracts exactly what they need to support a healthy digestive system and therefore overall wellbeing.”

Let’s keep those tails waggin.’

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Dr. Jean Dodds Develops Revolutionary Food Intolerance Test for Pets

Hemopet, North America’s largest non-profit pet blood bank, has developed a new product that will help you diagnose your pet’s food intolerances! NutriScan predicts which ingredients your dog or cat will be sensitive to, by testing for the 24 foods that are most commonly ingested by our companion animals. These foods include ingredients like wheat, corn, soy and chicken, all of which are featured in many pet foods on the market. NutriScan requires only that the pet not be fed anything for at least three hours and collection of a saliva sample to complete the test. This means that you can diagnose the cause of problems such as itchy skin or irritable bowel syndrome from the comfort of your own home! The test yields results in almost no time in all, giving you an accurate analysis of potential problems in your pet’s diet in less than two weeks! Once your results are in, you will be able to work with your veterinarian to create the perfect diet plan for your pet!

“Over 10,000 tests have proven the patented NutriScan saliva test is the accurate way to identify food sensitivity in pets,” says Dr. Jean Dodds, veterinarian and President of Hemopet. “This gold standard test is changing the way we care for our pets’ diets, and it really works.”

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Dr. Dodds is a world-renowned veterinarian and a leader in the field of animal product research and development. In 1986, she created Hemopet, a non-profit licensed canine blood bank that also serves as a greyhound rescue and adoption program. The program helps to save tens of thousands of pet lives every year using blood from the rescued greyhounds. They are pre-selected to have the universal blood type safe for all dogs, and to be free of infectious diseases transmitted by blood. Precise’s dog foods have been one of Dr. Dodds’ preferred dog foods for the past eight years. Since joining the Precise Pet family, she has served variations of our formulas to her rescued greyhounds.

Precise has been proud to fuel and sustain the brave dogs of Hemopet for the past eight years and we are extremely excited to see how NutriScan will revolutionize the way that pet owners treat food intolerances! For more information on NutriScan or Hemopet, visit their respective websites at and If you are a veterinarian that is interested in ordering NutriScan clinic kits, check out NutriScan’s veterinary resources at

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Coconut Oil Remedies…for your Pet?


We’ve all heard of the benefits of using coconut oil; however, you’ve probably never considered using them for your pet. That’s right, pet owners-bloggers and veterinarians alike are raving about the many benefits of using coconut oil for your pet.

External Benefits

Coconut oil can be used topically for your pet. Applied to the body of your pet, coconut oil serves as a moisturizer providing your pet with a beautiful, sleek coat and healthier skin. It also helps to cure skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and yeast and fungal infections. It also has the ability to disinfect cuts and promote the healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots, dry skin and hair, bites and stings.

With all of the confirmed benefits that coconut oil provide, there are also some claims about it that have not been confirmed through research. Some of these claims include coconut oil helping to decrease the chance of cancer, dental calculus and periodontal disease.

Internal Benefits

Pet owners are also transforming their pet’s diet by adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to their dry food, and the results have been exponential. Research has proven that ingesting coconut oil helps prevent, and aid many diseases including, inflammatory bowel disease, lymphangectasia, cognitive dysfunction, skin diseases and even arthritis, as well as giving your pet increased vitality and energy.

Along with being extremely healthy for your pet, some owners have even reported that adding coconut oil to their pet’s food has helped to increase their appetite. Pet parents have reported that their furry ones find coconut oil to be a tasty addition to the average dry pet food; even picky eaters have been known to love the nutritious addition!

Coconut oil might not be right for every furry friend due to certain allergies or if your pet lacks the need for an increase in appetite. Once you get the green light from your veterinarian, try combining the healing and preventative characteristics of coconut oil with Precise’s Holistic Complete® for your dog or cat to provide your pet with the nutrition it needs to stay happy and healthy!

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