Off to Deutschland we go!

So you’ve probably heard the buzz; we’re expanding!

Thanks to our friends at Kodo, Inc. in St. Helena, C.A., more pet parents, like you, will be able to provide their beloved cats and dogs with nutritious pet food for a strong and healthy lifestyle.

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To kick off the excitement, we’re heading to Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany May 26-29 to show European pet owners the benefits of our formulas.

What’s Interzoo you ask?

Well, it’s the biggest trade fair for the international pet industry. We’ll be setting up our booth alongside of Advanced Nutrition Formula Pet (ANF Pet, Inc.) a.k.a, the world’s first super food premium pet food formula, so we’ll be in great company.

Why are we so excited?

This is our opportunity to introduce ourselves, and what our formulas can do to an entirely new region. We are excited to expand our knowledge of the nutritional needs of our furry friends in Europe, and to help provide them with a pet food that’s right for them!

Our tails are wagging with excitement as we prepare for our retailer family to grow! Stay tuned for live updates of how our trip is going.

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Visit Us at Backer’s Total Pet Expo

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We’re in Chicago to attend the Backer Total Pet Expo! If you are in Chicago or are attending, be sure to stop by our booth (Booth #812) and say hello!

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