Trending Video: Spider Dog

Halloween is next week and if you haven’t seen this viral spider dog video, then you are in for a treat! Polish prankster, Sa Wardega, dressed his dog up in a giant spider costume and captured the action as the “giant spider” scared it’s unsuspecting victims at night! Enjoy.


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Trending Videos: Pets Take on Shark Week

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has taken over our televisions and humans aren’t the only ones indulging in the programming on this predator. In one trending video, a four-legged friend preps for the weeklong event by taking down a shark twice his size (don’t worry, it’s inflatable).

Parodying the made-for-TV movies Sharknado and recent Sharknado 2, our next video pick illustrates that “Volcanine” and “Purrricane” should be the next animal-infused natural disaster films.

Watch these videos for a good laugh and then get your furry friends ready for Shark Week!

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Trending Videos: Dog Guilt

Have you ever walked into your house to find your favorite pair of pumps in a million pieces? It’s not hard to figure out the culprit after seeing the pout on your pooch. Two recent videos, both with over 10 million hits on YouTube, highlight this pet remorse after one dog steals a baby’s toy and the other takes a chop out of the cat treats. Both pets have very different reactions, but their priceless guilty faces will leave you in a forgiving mood. Watch the following videos to find out what happens and then share with us how your pets give themselves away with guilt!

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