Precise Naturals®

Introducing Precise Naturals®

It’s official. Precise pet foods are now officially named Precise Naturals®. Precise was founded on the idea that all natural with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are healthier for our pets—now we have fresh, new packaging and a name that reflects that. We have made a few improvements to enhance these great formulas so you can be assured that you are giving your pet a superior food with all of the nutrients and supplements needed to keep him exceptionally healthy. Without the use of corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or sorghum. And Precise never uses animal by-products.
Precise is made in the USA, by a fourth-generation family owned company that has a reputation for quality. Every kibble we make is wholesome and nutritious with safety as our number one concern. A vibrant, healthy pet makes you happy, and that makes us happy.


Dry dog foods are the easiest, most convenient form of food you can feed your dog. Our premium Precise formulas are all created to provide superior nutrition. A range of kibble formulas created to suit the needs of both you and your dog. Our all natural with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients formulas are made to provide all the nutrition your dog needs. For puppies. For adult dogs. For working or competition dogs. For senior dogs and formulas for special needs – a weight management formula if weight is a problem and our Sensicare® formula for dogs with food allergies.

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Based on preference, convenience, budget and circumstances dog owners may feed a canned formula alone or with dry food. When a canned dog food is desired either as an addition to dry food or as an alternative, Precise offers several formulas in a rich, meaty paté style – Puppy, Adult, Weight Management and Sensicare.

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