Whether you feed canned food alone or as a flavorful addition to a dry food diet, you can be sure that with Precise Naturals® canned varieties, your dog is getting the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats and beneficial supplements. Precise canned foods are a rich, meaty pâté-style food including real potatoes, whole pearled barley, and pieces of carrots. There are four popular Precise varieties in canned formulas.

Precise Naturals Foundation

Nutritional Health For Life

  • Our protein sources come from the highly digestible and highly palatable meat of a variety of sources including chicken, turkey and lamb.
  • Rice, barley, and oats provide healthy sources of fiber and energy.
  • Broth of chicken, turkey or lamb provides essential fats.
  • Chelated minerals that are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than inorganic mineral sources
  • Vitamins E, A, B12 and D provide the necessary cofactors for cellular function.
  • Selenium Yeast is an organic source of selenium which is an important antioxidant.


    For weaning puppies up to 12 months old, the combination of meat proteins in this Precise Naturals® canned recipe, plus beneficial supplements, helps your puppy get the right start in life.

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    Chicken and Rice Foundation :

    All the real meat goodness of chicken, plus good carbohydrates in a palate pleasing canned dog food.

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    Lamb & Rice Sensicare:

    No wheat, no corn, no soy, no beef or poultry protein. This Precise Naturals® Sensicare® canned formula was developed for dogs with food allergies.

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