Five Ways to Raise Awareness About Animal Cruelty

Our fur babies mean everything to us. That one thing is certain. It’s no secret that people who value their pets change their lives for the better—but unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. The gut wrenching reality is, that nearly every 60 seconds, a helpless animal is being abused. No pet should ever have to endure improper care from hoarding, physical abuse, dog fights, or abandonment. This week’s blog post is dedicated to five ways of raising awareness to prevent animal cruelty:

Become an Advocate

One thing that we have that our furry friends don’t? A voice. We have the ability to speak up for pets who have fallen victim to animal cruelty, and it’s important that we use it! According to the Humane Society of the United States, every state has laws prohibiting animal cruelty—we have to help ensure that these laws are being enforced. The ASPCA offers advocacy training for pet lovers who wish to engage in grassroots lobbying. 

Educate Others

Unfortunately, some people are naïve to the fact that animal cruelty is an issue. Here’s the second way we use our voice—to educate. Familiarize yourself with organizations that are working to prevent and end animal cruelty like the Humane Society or the ASPCA, in turn, you can educate others on the goals and missions of these groups, and signs to look out for.  

Spay and Neuter Animals

How can you and your pets make an easy impact? By making sure your pets are spayed and neutered. We’ve all thought about how adorable our own pet’s babies would be, but in reality, there are entirely too many uncared for feral and stray animals who need our help right now. If you can welcome another pet into your home, consider adopting from a local shelter, where over crowding causes unnecessary euthanizing. 

Report It!

The third way you can use your voice: if you see something unusual, report it! If you notice that your neighbor has fled their home, leaving their animals behind and uncared for, speak up! As we mentioned before, our furry friends don’t have a voice, so it’s important that we speak for them, and stand up for them when they are in need. Familiarize yourself with your city, and pay attention to these signs which could indicate animal abuse.


Lucky for us, organizations like ASPCA and the Humane Society work tirelessly to stop animal cruelty in it’s tracks. Tax-deductible donations can be provided to these groups to help make a life-changing difference for animals across North America on a monthly or one-time basis.

We hope you join us and these incredible organizations in the fight to end animal cruelty. Questions? Comment below.

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Are You Ready for It? It’s Here!

We can finally say it: Fall is officially here! Bring on the colorful leaves, cider, pumpkins, tricks, treats and a break from the hot, muggy weather of summer. A change in the season can bring excitement but it also means a change in the potential problems for your furry friend. Here are some helpful tips to keeping your pet happy and healthy during fall:

  • Fall and spring are seasons when you’ll begin to see mushrooms sprout up from the ground. While most mushrooms are not harmful when eaten, one percent of mushrooms are highly toxic. If your pet digests one of these dangerous mushrooms, it can be life threatening. Keep an eye out for mushrooms when your pet is outside and keep them away from areas with infested with mushrooms. Just to be safe, contact your local Animal Poison Control Center if your pet does consume a mushroom.
  • With the kids back in school, it’s important to keep the glue, glitter, markers and other school supplies away from your curious pets! While not very toxic, school supplies can give your pet an upset stomach and your child a lack of arts supplies – so keep those supplies out of your pet’s reach!
  • In the fall, snakes are preparing to hibernate and can become especially irritable resulting in an increase of snakebites. Know where snakes are found in your area and keep your precious pets away!
  • If the summer heat kept you and your dog inside in the air condition, now is the time to bring out the leash or Frisbee! Start becoming more active with your pet in these cooler times. They’ll love it and the exercise will benefit you both!

Have other tips for keeping your pets safe during the fall? We’d love to hear them! Comment on this post to share!


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Fetching the Gold

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if dogs competed in the Olympics? Imagine the noise from all the barking at the opening ceremony if they actually marched in as teams!

Most dog owners already know their pets are all-stars even without medals to prove it but here are a few events we’d like to see the world’s most skilled canines and their trainers compete in:

  • Canine Freestyle: This sport involves choreographed performances set to music by dogs and their handlers. This event may seem a bit quirky, but, after all, this year’s Olympics did include horse ballet!
  • Skijoring: In this winter sport, described as a mix between cross country skiing and dog mushing, people on skis are pulled by one or more dogs. Caribbean canines might be seen as the “underdogs” in this event but we think they might surprise us like their bobsledding human counterparts!
  • Flyball: This sport matches two teams of four dogs against each other in a relay-style race across a 51-foot long course. With running, jumping, and fetching involved, Flyball would be the ultimate Olympic event for dogs.

Would you watch dogs compete in the Olympics? Comment on this post and tell us your favorite dog sport to watch or participate in with your pooch. If you would like to learn about more dog sports, visit ASPCA.


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Andy Murray hung his two hard-earned Olympic medals around the necks of his beloved pooches, Maggie May and Rusty.


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