Tackle Pesky Hairballs with Precise Naturals

Sure, cats aren’t typically huge fans of water, but that doesn’t mean that hygiene and grooming aren’t top priorities for your feline. In fact, your cat spends half of their waking hours grooming themselves and fellow kitties. Their barbed tongue, soft padded paws, and saliva are a cat’s perfect recipe for bath time—and hairballs.

This week’s blog post is dedicated to the pesky kitty dust bunny in honor of Hairball Awareness Day. Yes, there’s an entire day dedicated to your cat’s regurgitated hair. It’s important to note that if your feline is coughing up more than two hairballs per year it can become health concern. Lucky for you, we have a solution that may fix your hairy situation.

We’re talking about our Precise Naturals Foundation formula for cats.

When your cat grooms themselves, they consume the hair that comes off of their body. Sometimes if there is an excessive amount of hair, your cat’s tummy can’t digest all of the fuzz. When that happens, your cat hacks up a hairball. Precise Naturals Foundation Formula is high in fiber, helping to break down the hair and speed up digestion. This formula is also high in protein and is designed with ingredients to provide adequate vitamins and minerals for adult indoor cats. Precise Naturals Foundation Formula helps to sustain the building blocks for proper cat health, and those are just a few reasons why it’s our most popular cat food.

P.S. This formula is highly compatible with our kitten formula. So, when you’re little one is ready to make the switch, it will be a steady transition to adult food.

So, before you try at-home remedies to stop those pesky hairballs in their tracks, try a simple diet change for your feline. If you’ve noticed your pet’s hairball production has halted, share your story! We’d love to hear your testimony in the comment box below.

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Can Cats and Allergies Live in Harmony?

If you or a loved one is allergic to cats, you know that the reaction is one not to be taken lightly. If a cat owner has friends or loved ones with feline allergies in their home, what are they to do?

Here are a few of ways to improve the situation and help reduce allergens for a peaceful home:

  • Clean: This may seem obvious, but a thorough cleaning of fabrics and surfaces throughout the home can greatly reduce allergens caused from cat fur. Carpets are one of the worst offenders when it comes to trapping cat dander, so vacuuming often can help eliminate sneezing and itchy eyes.
  • Groom: Regular bathing and grooming can help reduce shedding and the overall amount of dander in the home. Using cat shampoo can also remove saliva on the fur, which is a strong offender of allergies.
  • Air Purifier: Adding an air purifier to your home can help remove the allergens from the air. Having one located in the most frequented room will work best when fighting allergy symptoms.

Regular hand washing with soap and warm water will help stop allergens from transferring from furniture and surfaces to the face. With a little dedication to both your cat and your loved one’s allergies, the two can live in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.


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