Why Your Dog Loves Autumn

The crisp autumn air and cooler temperatures are making dogs everywhere wag their tails in excitement. Autumn is upon us and that means your dog can spend more time enjoying the changing outdoor environment as we make the transition into fall.

Here at Precise we’re also excited for the cozy weather! That’s why we’ve highlighted all the reasons your dog enjoys the fall and why the dropping temps are a welcomed change:

Playing in Leaves

They’re bouncing across the yard, paws moving like lightning, and then they launch themselves into the giant pile of leaves you just raked. Though this may annoy some pet parents, you can’t deny how cute it is when your dog stops to enjoy fallen foliage and begins frolicking around in the leaves. With ample opportunity to hide and play in the massive pile sitting in the yard, it’s no wonder dogs can’t walk by a nice mound of leaves without stopping to investigate.

Longer Walks

Because it’s finally cool enough to be outside for extended periods of time, your pet is going to want longer walks during the fall season. Without hot pavement burning their paws or high temperatures making them overheated or dehydrated, your dog will enjoy those morning and evening walks so much more! Be sure to plan for an extended, scenic walk along trails or parks this autumn.

ALL the smells

The falling leaves and changing outdoor world provide your pet with many scents that are specific to this time of year. The smell of the forest trails are going to shift as fall foliage thrives and other animals begin harvesting for their winter food storage. Your dog may be distracted on your walks if the light scent of smoke from a bonfire or burning leaves drifts through the fall air. Your home may soon be filled with autumnal scents while you cook with sweet potatoes, make stew or incorporate more spices in your everyday cooking. Your dog is always around in the kitchen while you’re preparing food. However, the seasonal recipes you’ll be making as the winter holidays approach will serve as an extra delight to your dog’s olfactory senses.

Time for that Winter Coat or Sweater

Yes, autumn is when your pets are growing their winter coats in preparation for the upcoming cold season– and perhaps the snow that may come along with it. Long-haired dogs and working breeds are rejoicing over the dropping temperatures after an unbearably hot summer in their thick coats. On the other hand, small or short-haired breeds might not be as comfortable with the cold. Breeds like Chihuahuas or Greyhounds might require sweaters, vests or jumpers to keep them warm enough as the seasons change. Autumn is the ideal time to buy your pup a few accessories for keeping warm on those long, fall walks– and they can look stylish while doing it too!

As you enjoy the pumpkin spice season, don’t forget, your dog is too! Treat them to plenty of chances for walks and playing outside and be sure they’re prepared for the chillier evenings to come. Check out other dogs who love to celebrate the red and golden leaves of fall in these adorable photos.

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