6 of Your Favorite Barbeque Foods That Are NOT Pet Friendly

Though July is behind us, the heat of summer rages on, which means there’s still ample time to heat up the grill for a big barbeque. Be sure to watch out for these six barbecue suspects that could quickly turn family fun into trouble for your furry friend.


1 – Avocado

Perfect for appetizers, burger toppings, or salads, avocados are a summertime cookout favorite for humans, but are dangerous for our furry friends. Avocados contain persin which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly breathing difficulties in pets. The pit, if swallowed, can also cause gastrointestinal blockages, leading to more serious issues.

2 – Alcohol

While controlled consumption of alcohol can be fun for adults, any consumption can spell trouble for kitties and pups. The effects of alcohol are much stronger for dogs and cats. Alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nervous system depression, trouble breathing, comas, and in worst cases, even death in pets.

3 – Onion

Though onions are a staple garnish for burgers, hot dogs, salads and more—they cause anemia when consumed by pets, especially cats, giving them symptoms such as, weakness, vomiting, breathlessness, dullness, and a lack of interest in food.

4 – Corn on the Cob

Finger food, fun for all ages, but not for your furry family members. The cob may seem like a tasty chew toy, but they are easy to swallow and hard to see on an x-ray machine.

5 – Raw Meat/Fish

Raw meat and fish can seem like innocent scraps for your pet, as dogs were once wild animals and cats love fish, right? Unfortunately, these raw foods can contain bacteria such as Salmonella or E. Coli causing vomiting and diarrhea. Some of the enzymes in raw fish can even lead to neurological damage in cats.

6 – Fat Trimmings/Bones

Giving the by-products of the barbeque to your furry friends may seem like a great way to reduce waste and appease them, but your good intentions could have adverse effects. Fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis and bones, when ingested, can damage their digestive intestines.

If your furry friend is the life of the party, then moderated portions of cooked lean meats or watermelon are both safe options to let them have a taste of the fun. Fire up the grill, and get the party started—just remember to avoid these six foods around your furry friends.

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Tips for a Fur-Friendly Petcation 2016

Adventure is calling for you—and your furry friend, too. This summer, skip the puppy dog pout as you leave for vacation, and bring your pet along for the ride!

First time Petcation-er? No worries, the Precise Team has compiled a few tips to keep your companion safe and comfortable on your summer journey:

Petcation Safety

What’s Up, Doc?  

Be sure to drop by the vet before embarking on your Petcation. Airlines and hotels often require proof of vaccination before the fun can begin, so it’s important to make sure that all shots and medications are up-to-date, and that your furry friend is healthy and ready to travel. Also make sure that the tags for your furry friend include your mobile number or the number of the hotel, in case they try to take a little adventure of their own.

Vroom Vroom, Road Trip:

Though cars don’t have seat belts for our pets, we still need to take proper precautions to keep them safe on the road. Cats should be placed in a travel carrier and dogs should also be kept out of the front seat. Allowing pets to roam freely causes a large number of car accidents each year. And although Fido may love sticking his head out of the window on short trips, enabling this long-term can cause damage to his ears or infections in his lungs, so do your best to keep pets inside the car when possible.

Make sure to bring along plenty of water and some Healthy Habit Treats to keep your pet hydrated and comfortable during the trip. Of course, this means they will also need plenty of bathroom breaks. It is also a good idea to do a few short trial trips in the car before the big day. Believe us, seven hours in the car with a carsick pet is one of the worst ways to kick-off vacation.

Up, Up and Away!

If you are taking your travels to the sky, you will need to do some extra planning. Decide which airline to use based on pet accommodations and reviews, and book your flight well in advance to reserve a spot for your pet. Be mindful of weight limits and breed restrictions, as flying can be more dangerous for some pets than others.

Try to tire out your pet before the big flight, and take them for a potty break before boarding. Give them a blanket or shirt that they are familiar with to make them more comfortable. You may even wish to try a thunder shirt to keep them calm, especially if they are in the cargo hold.

Petcation is more than just a relaxing escape from reality. It’s a time for you and your number one companion to seek adventure and make memories of a lifetime, together.

So pack your bags, some PHC for the road, and prep your pet—it’s time for a getaway! Interested in learning about pet friendly hotel suggestions, airline requirements, beaches, restaurants and parks? Click here.

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The Dog Owner’s Hiking Cheat Sheet-10 Tips for Hitting the Trails

Summer is here, and that means the hiking trails will be busy. Hiking is great for the views, the exercise, and the companionship of your furry friend! It’s the perfect activity for nice weekend in the summer-just make sure you’re prepared.

The Precise Team has put together 10 tips to keep your furry friend happy during your summer trek:


Picking the Right Trail

Choosing the right hike for you and your pup is the first step to a great experience; make sure the trail you choose to hike is pet friendly, and be mindful of the difficulty of the trail. Also, be sure to take special notice of any specific obstacles a particular trail could present, such as large drops, a lot of stairs, jagged rocks, or a surface that may become too hot for your pup’s paws. Check out hikewithyourdog.com for places a list of pup-friendly trails in your state.

Pre-Hike Checklist

Before you leave make sure your pup is up to date on all of their shots, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention medication. Also, make sure you have their ID tags, license, and a leash.

Proper Conditioning

It Is important to ensure that your furry friend is in proper shape for the hike you’re planning. In other words, a dog’s first hike should not be nine miles, straight up the side of a mountain on the hottest day of the summer. Use walks around the neighborhood or start with short hikes for practice; increase difficulty over time to ensure both you and your pup are prepared for the long distances.

Plenty of Water

Keeping your dog hydrated it a must! If you are thirsty that probably means they are too! Make sure you make frequent stops to allow them time to rest and rehydrate. You should bring water specifically for your dog, as it is potentially dangerous to allow them to drink form a stream, pond or standing water. Bringing a portable water bowl along for your journey will help keep your pet nice and hydrated on your journey.

Safety First

As you are hiking, watch where your dog is stepping. Make sure to avoid areas that have any poisonous plants or berries they should not eat. Keep them from dangerous run-ins with wildlife, and snakes that may be hiding in the brush. Also, try to avoid routes with excess jagged rocks or rough terrain to keep their paw pads from getting cut, or equip your pup with boots to protect their pads.


It is advised that you keep your dog on a leash while hiking, it’s much safer for your pup, and more considerate to others on the trail. Be mindful that not everyone loves dogs, even friendly ones, so be sure you can keep control of your dog around other hikers and other dogs.

Food and Rest

You shouldn’t feed your furry friend a full meal right before a hike. Give your dog a portion of its usual serving, and keep them energized throughout the hike with treats and snacks, like our Healthy Habits®. Also be mindful of the temperature that day, when you stop for water or food, give them a little break and try to find a spot in the shade. Signs of overexertion include drooling, weakness, panting or bright red gums.

Pet Waste

Dog owners need to leave the trails as they found them. Remember you and your pup are representing all hikers with dogs, and leaving waste can leave a bad impression to everyone else hiking that trail. Make sure you bring bags to pick up your pet’s mess!

First Aid Kit

It’s a great idea to carry a basic first aid kit with you in case something should happen. A solid but simple kit should include tweezers, disinfectant, bandages and bandage tape.

After the Hike

After your fun day on the trails be sure to check your dog for fleas, ticks, cut paw pads, and other injuries.

With these 10 tips under your belt, you and your pet’s hike will be one for the books!

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Curing Your Couch Potato Pet

Does your pet seem to be acting up more than usual? Are you seeing destructive or attention-grabbing behaviors? Well it could be that your pet is itching for more exercise.  Why not take advantage of your pet’s need to stretch his legs and join him?

As we know, there are many benefits of exercising, but think of how many excuses we make to  get out of it. Pets are a great incentive to helping us stay in shape. Here are some ideas to make it fun!

  • Grab your dog’s favorite fetch toy and get ready for some sit-ups. On the first sit-up, throw the dog toy. Do another sit-up while your dog is chasing it. On the third sit-up, get the dog toy and repeat.
  • If you have a playful dog, stand with your legs shoulder width apart. While you squat, tap your dog with a toy. Lift the toy above your head so your dog jumps while you stand up.
  • Playing fetch can be good for you and your pet. There is always the traditional game of fetch or you can spice it up and challenge your pet. After throwing the ball, start running after it and see who can get the ball first.
  • Don’t forget about cats! Tie a lightweight toy with a string to your dumbbells. As you do your curls, your cat will be jumping for the toy.
  • Grab a mini flashlight and do the motion of jumping jacks. The constant moving light on the wall will drive your cat up the wall.

As your pet gets older, you may have to change their exercise routine. Keep an eye on your pet after long walks or strenuous activity. Just like humans, dogs can get blisters on their paw pads. No dog is the same, so find the best workout routine for you and your dog.  Check with your vet if you have any concerns before or after exercising with your pet.


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Pet Tales:Precise Pet Food Fuels BlackFoot Labradors Success

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Danielle Pellicci of BlackFoot Labradors in South Carolina writes:

I’d like you to know that Precise is “fueling” our valuable competitive hunt test and field trial Labrador Retrievers.

 About a year ago, we switched to Precise and I have noticed marked improvements in the coat conditions in a variety of our dogs at our kennel. Stool output is low and muscle tone and endurance levels are maintained beautifully. Pending the season and each individual dog’s metabolism, we feed our labs either the Precise Competition or Endurance formulas. We can switch from one formula to the other without upsetting digestion, which is a great asset as we move from a slow to busy hunting competition season.

We also feed our 11-year-old Parson Russell terrier, who is retired from agility and earth dog competition, Precise Holistic Grain Free formula. He has been literally at death’s door twice for a medical condition so dietary requirements are essential for him.

In addition to our “pedigreed pack,” my husband and I rescue one dog a year (rehabilitate/train/re-home) and recently sent home dog number 13 for us! George, a Miniature Australian Shepherd mix puppy, was the second of our rescues to be nurtured back to health by Precise Small and Medium Breed Puppy formula. His condition was severe when we found him, and in a matter of a month of great nutrition and veterinary assistance, he was healthy enough to be sent to his forever home. His new family intends to keep him on Precise food.

We at BlackFoot Labradors do not take what we feed our dogs lightly. Precise Pet food formulas fuel our dogs who are not just our livelihood, but also a VERY important part of our LIVES.

 We are thrilled to have found a brand that all of our dogs can eat. 

Thank you, Danielle!  It is wonderful to hear that the BlackFoot Labrador pack is doing well, looking sharp, and enjoying Precise! We appreciate your commitment to your dogs health and well being, and for your years of rescue efforts.  Best of luck with your upcoming competitions.


All images provided by BlackFoot Labradors

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Pet Tales: Who Rescued Who?

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Regional Sales Manager Donavan Meyer met Precise customer Julie Bear and her rescued Malinois, Rocket, during a Dock Dog event that we sponsored in Georgia. Donavan was blown away by Rocket’s talent during the Dock Dogs Big Air competition as he witnessed a jump over 28’. Recently Rocket jumped an amazing 29’ 5”, setting a new Ultimate Air Dogs long jump record. Rocket is now on his way to qualifying for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in October.

After seeing Rocket in action, Donavan later learned of his inspiring rescue story shared by his owner.  Julie wrote:

I first learned of Rocket when I was contacted by the animal shelter in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania after they received both Rocket and his sister. As the PA coordinator for Malinois Rescue, I went to pick up the pair so that they could be placed in foster homes.

When I arrived at the shelter Rocket’s sister had already been adopted, but with Rocket’s over-the-top drive they did not feel secure in placing him so they released him to me. I tried like crazy to find a foster home for him, but had no luck.

I spent the first five nights sleeping on the office floor with Rocket and in that time I lined up a foster home.  But at the last hour, I called it off.  I realized I just could not part with him.

It was obvious that Rocket needed an activity, but due to some physical limitations I needed an activity that did not require running. I discovered the Keystone Dock Dogs Club and to my surprise Rocket took right to the sport. He started competing in March of 2009 and it has been an exciting adventure with him ever since!

Rocket entered my life at precisely the right time. My son had gone off to college and I was struggling to adjust to our empty nest. Since welcoming Rocket to our family we now travel across the United States competing in Dock Dogs events and showing the country how wonderful rescued dogs are and how they can truly enrich your life.

So the next time you are considering adopting a shelter or rescue dog, ask yourself, “Who is ‘rescuing’ who?”





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Pet Accident? No Problem.

If you own a pet, there is a strong likelihood that you’ve had to deal with tricky stains at some point. While there are a number of cleaning products found in pet and grocery stores alike, some owners struggle with the use of chemicals in areas their pets frequent.

Creating natural stain fighters is often easier and cheaper than running out and  purchasing a bottle whenever your cat or dog has an accident. Many of these items you may even already have in your home!

Cleaning up after a pet accident doesn’t have to be stressful. By using the above items, you can rest assured your pets and your home will be protected from harmful cleaning chemicals.

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Ask Our Vet: Can my dog with chicken allergies eat the new Grain Free formula?

Q: My dog is diagnosed with a chicken allergy. Would he be able to eat the Grain Free – Pork line even though it contains chicken cartilage and fat? Thank you!

A: As you probably already know, the proteins in chickens are what predominantly cause allergic reactions because they are such large molecules. The chicken fat does not contain any protein so you are safe giving it a dog with a chicken allergy. This is why we use chicken fat in our Precise Lamb Meal & Rice Sensicare Formula.

The chicken cartilage is MOSTLY free from protein but not completely. Depending on how allergic your dog is, you may want to avoid any of our foods with chicken cartilage in them.

Our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Lisa Drapela is on-hand to answer questions about your dog or cat’s health. Whether you’re wondering about the best Precise formula or just have a general health question, visit the Ask Our Vet section here on the website to connect directly with Dr. Drapela. We’ll feature some of her answers here on the blog.

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Pet Tales: Precise is helping Molly get fit!

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products. Click here to share your own story.

Ella Poczynok writes:

My 11-year-old dog, Molly, is my seventh dog. All six of my previous companions have suffered from obesity. Even though I have fed them what their veterinarians recommended and exercised them daily, they all gained too much weight. Questioning my vets about what could cause the weight gain always seemed to elicit the response that it was my fault somehow. Questions about the dog food brought on the response, “No, it can’t be that.”

A few months ago, I was talking with someone and she told me about your brand and what a difference it made in her dog. I researched Precise Pet Products and was amazed by what I found. I bought a bag of the Chicken Meal and Rice Formula, even though it was more expensive and I am on a fixed income. By the time the bag was finished, I was amazed by the results! Molly is perkier, more alert and active, and she’s losing weight!

It is so cruel to feed dogs a pet food that harms them when the solution is out there. I just wanted to say I wish I had known about Precise Pet Products earlier so my other dogs would have been healthier and happier. Molly and I both want to thank you for your great products.

Thank you, Ella and Molly! We are glad to hear that Molly is doing well!

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Pet News Roundup: A 40-Pound Cat, a Soldier Saves a Dog, and a Golden Retriever Dancing the Merengue!

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources and Twitter.

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