Why Your Dog Loves Autumn

The crisp autumn air and cooler temperatures are making dogs everywhere wag their tails in excitement. Autumn is upon us and that means your dog can spend more time enjoying the changing outdoor environment as we make the transition into fall.

Here at Precise we’re also excited for the cozy weather! That’s why we’ve highlighted all the reasons your dog enjoys the fall and why the dropping temps are a welcomed change:

Playing in Leaves

They’re bouncing across the yard, paws moving like lightning, and then they launch themselves into the giant pile of leaves you just raked. Though this may annoy some pet parents, you can’t deny how cute it is when your dog stops to enjoy fallen foliage and begins frolicking around in the leaves. With ample opportunity to hide and play in the massive pile sitting in the yard, it’s no wonder dogs can’t walk by a nice mound of leaves without stopping to investigate.

Longer Walks

Because it’s finally cool enough to be outside for extended periods of time, your pet is going to want longer walks during the fall season. Without hot pavement burning their paws or high temperatures making them overheated or dehydrated, your dog will enjoy those morning and evening walks so much more! Be sure to plan for an extended, scenic walk along trails or parks this autumn.

ALL the smells

The falling leaves and changing outdoor world provide your pet with many scents that are specific to this time of year. The smell of the forest trails are going to shift as fall foliage thrives and other animals begin harvesting for their winter food storage. Your dog may be distracted on your walks if the light scent of smoke from a bonfire or burning leaves drifts through the fall air. Your home may soon be filled with autumnal scents while you cook with sweet potatoes, make stew or incorporate more spices in your everyday cooking. Your dog is always around in the kitchen while you’re preparing food. However, the seasonal recipes you’ll be making as the winter holidays approach will serve as an extra delight to your dog’s olfactory senses.

Time for that Winter Coat or Sweater

Yes, autumn is when your pets are growing their winter coats in preparation for the upcoming cold season– and perhaps the snow that may come along with it. Long-haired dogs and working breeds are rejoicing over the dropping temperatures after an unbearably hot summer in their thick coats. On the other hand, small or short-haired breeds might not be as comfortable with the cold. Breeds like Chihuahuas or Greyhounds might require sweaters, vests or jumpers to keep them warm enough as the seasons change. Autumn is the ideal time to buy your pup a few accessories for keeping warm on those long, fall walks– and they can look stylish while doing it too!

As you enjoy the pumpkin spice season, don’t forget, your dog is too! Treat them to plenty of chances for walks and playing outside and be sure they’re prepared for the chillier evenings to come. Check out other dogs who love to celebrate the red and golden leaves of fall in these adorable photos.

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Six Fall Flavor Toppers for Your Pet’s Dinner

It’s halfway through one of the most beautiful months of the year—leaves are changing, the cool weather is here to stay, and Halloween is only a few weeks away. That means, it’s finally acceptable to break out all of the fall flavors we’ve been anxiously waiting to indulge in; but hey, who says your pets can’t have a little piece of heaven too? Sharing is caring; make your animal’s dinner more exciting by adding these six fall flavors.



Who doesn’t love pumpkin? Pair your pumpkin-carving night by adding a dollop of canned pumpkin to your animal’s bowl for a quick flavor boost. Not only does pumpkin offer a yummy taste, but it’s also rich in fiber and can benefit your animal’s digestion, urinary health, and weight loss. Have too much leftover pumpkin? Spice things up by baking these pumpkin treats which are sure to be a hit in any pet lover’s home.


Fall is the perfect time to take your animals alongside your apple-picking adventures. Reward their good behavior by giving them a taste of the fruit of their labor. Apples provide a low-calorie, ‘sweet treat’ without the added sugar and negative effects. Be sure to remove the core and all seeds from the apple prior to feeding, as they contain chemical compounds that are poisonous for animals.


Cranberries are packed with healthy benefits and nutrients for your animal’s overall well-being. Test out your furry friend’s linking to the tart taste of fresh, raw cranberries; and hey, if they like it, more power to them! If they don’t, that’s okay too—cook the cranberries down in water and simply spoon some into Fido’s bowl of Precise Naturals® for a healthy and flavorful twist.

Chicken or Turkey Broth

There’s nothing like coming home to a homemade bowl of chicken noodle soup during the cold weather. Cats and dogs alike also enjoy the hearty taste of chicken and turkey broth. That being said, think twice and save the carcass next time you whip up a pot of your favorite soup. Throw the bones in boiling water, cook it down for a couple of hours, and remove all the meat from the bones—leaving your animals with a healthy, homemade bone broth that can be poured over their kibble and enjoyed for days.

Sweet Potato

Known for being rich in beta-carotene, this high-fiber superfood can provide a wide source of minerals, along with protection against cancer and heart disease. Although you may prefer your sweet potatoes smothered in sugar and butter, your pets can only eat them in small portions—either raw, cubed, or cooked without any additives.

Squash or Zucchini

Squash and Zucchini are two veggies that your animals likely won’t have a preference on how it’s prepared; they are flavorful baked, steamed, or raw! These veggies are known to help with your animal’s fur and skin, are a good source of potassium and vitamin C, and can boost weight loss for overweight animals.

Remember that although these fall foods can provide a yummy addition to your pet’s dinner feast, it is important to refrain from over-feeding them. Be sure to prepare small portions to keep your animal’s tummy happy and healthy.

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Fall Activities Your Pets Will Enjoy More Than a Pumpkin Spice Latte

The fall season has officially begun! Bring on the endless pumpkin-flavored everything, bright fall colors, and cozy sweaters—it’s time to make some new memories with your furry friends. Whatever activity you decide to fill your autumn days, be sure to bring your pets along for the ride!

In lieu of the new season, the Precise team has compiled five fall activities to welcome back the crisp, cool weather with with your number one companion:


  1. Pumpkin Picking

Getting out and about to wander local fields will certainly make for a happy puppy; so grab your pet and head to your local pumpkin patch to find yourself a prize-winning pumpkin to take home. While enjoying this fun activity with your pet, be sure to keep plenty of water on-hand as well as ‘doggy bags’ to clean up after your animal. In most cases, pumpkin patches welcome pets with open arms—as long as they’re on a leash; be sure to call ahead of time to confirm your furry friend can come along for the ride.

Most pet parents are unaware that pumpkin can be beneficial to your animal’s health! While you’re carving away to create the perfect jack-o-lantern, let your furry friend chow down on a bowl of Precise Naturals® with a dollop of pumpkin for an extra flavor boost.

  1. Hiking

Not only is this great exercise for you, but for your animals too. Why not explore the great outdoors and hike up a mountain or visit a local park with your companion by your side? The cool weather makes this journey less of a chore and more of an experience where you and your pet can enjoy some one-on-one time. Although this activity can be exciting and fun, be sure to bring ample amounts of water and protective care for your animals to keep the bugs away so Fido can safely play.

  1. Camping

Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with the beautiful changing leaves and bright autumn colors. One activity that is sure to keep your pooch a ‘happy camper’ is having them accompany you on a family camping trip (because no one likes getting left behind). Get in the water and take your dog on a kayaking adventure or huddle around the campfire and sing (or howl) campfire songs. Come nightfall, your pup will be so excited to snuggle up next to you and to soak in the memories you made together. But remember, just like you require a list of camping necessities, so do your animals; Here is a checklist of camping essentials for your pup.

  1. Football/Tailgating

You’re not the only one who enjoys watching a football be thrown back and forth; your pup loves it too! Take things to the backyard or enjoy a tailgate with your furry loved one by your side. Practice that NFL arm by playing catch with the football; or even dress them up in your favorite team’s attire as your cheer on the season!

  1. Playing in the Leaves

Let’s face it, pets love getting their paws dirty—whether it be taking a running start to bulldoze into a large pile of leaves, or rolling around and gettin’ messy, this fun fall activity is sure to keep you and your pet entertained for hours. Yeah, you may have to rake all over again, but the excitement on your animal’s face makes it all worth it.

These are just a few fun fall activities that can create lasting memories. What are some of your favorite fall activities that you enjoy with your pets? Comment below!

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Are You Ready for It? It’s Here!

We can finally say it: Fall is officially here! Bring on the colorful leaves, cider, pumpkins, tricks, treats and a break from the hot, muggy weather of summer. A change in the season can bring excitement but it also means a change in the potential problems for your furry friend. Here are some helpful tips to keeping your pet happy and healthy during fall:

  • Fall and spring are seasons when you’ll begin to see mushrooms sprout up from the ground. While most mushrooms are not harmful when eaten, one percent of mushrooms are highly toxic. If your pet digests one of these dangerous mushrooms, it can be life threatening. Keep an eye out for mushrooms when your pet is outside and keep them away from areas with infested with mushrooms. Just to be safe, contact your local Animal Poison Control Center if your pet does consume a mushroom.
  • With the kids back in school, it’s important to keep the glue, glitter, markers and other school supplies away from your curious pets! While not very toxic, school supplies can give your pet an upset stomach and your child a lack of arts supplies – so keep those supplies out of your pet’s reach!
  • In the fall, snakes are preparing to hibernate and can become especially irritable resulting in an increase of snakebites. Know where snakes are found in your area and keep your precious pets away!
  • If the summer heat kept you and your dog inside in the air condition, now is the time to bring out the leash or Frisbee! Start becoming more active with your pet in these cooler times. They’ll love it and the exercise will benefit you both!

Have other tips for keeping your pets safe during the fall? We’d love to hear them! Comment on this post to share!


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