Five Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

We say it all the time—our pets are a part of our family. Their sweet meows, sloppy kisses, barks, and goofy antics make our personal social media channels adorable, and our phone storage very low. We constantly seek to capture the sweet things they do, commemorating each milestone our sweet fur babies make. Their birthdays should be no different! This week, the Precise team has conjured up five ways that you can make your pet’s birthday a pawesome one!

#1: Homemade Goodness

On our birthdays, we get cake. On your pet’s birthday, go the extra mile and make some homemade tasty treats! Check out a recent blog post we wrote on simple DIY pet recipes that both your feline and canine will love! Interested in switching things up? Pinterest has a ton of pet-friendly at-home recipes for your pet…like these pupcakes!

#2: Get Them a Birthday Gift

Your pet’s toy box is probably looking a bit outdated…or destroyed from playing too hard! Revamp their playful selection by either making DIY pet toys, or buying them new gear to toss! Your pet will be so excited to have a new fetch ball or scratching post to tackle!

#3: If it’s Hot, Grab the Ice

If your pet’s birthday is during the warm spring and summer months, a popsicle is just what they need. How do you make it? Simple. Grab some of your pet’s wet food and an ice cube tray. Fill the trays half way with your pet’s wet food. Fill the remainder with water. Freeze until solid. Then, go outside and let your pet cool down with a tasty, chilled popsicle!

#4: Lights, Camera, Cuteness

What’s the best way to commemorate an occasion? By capturing it! Grab your camera and get some photos of your precious pet on their special day. If you manage to get a shot of them each year, you’ll have a collection of images to last a lifetime. If your pet is comfortable, give them a birthday hat and party gear before taking the photo. See these photos for inspiration.

#5: Give Them an Extra Scoop of Wholesome Nutrition

You guessed it, we mean Precise. What better way to commemorate a year of happiness than an extra scoop of what keeps your pet healthy!

Get your pet’s special treat ready, fire up the candles (with your supervision), and sing your heart out to “happy birthday.” It’s your pet’s special day!

Mind you, many fur babies that have been adopted don’t have a birth “day” per say. After making a quick visit to the vet, the doctor should be able to tell you an around-about date that they were likely born (or, you could just celebrate for a week straight, just saying).  DOGust 1st also commemorates a universal birthday for all shelter dogs.

Does your pet have a birthday coming up? Tell us how you plan to celebrate in the comment box below!

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Planning Pet Parties with Pizzazz

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday or the day they were adopted? The prevalence of pet party planners is growing every day as more and more animal lovers are getting in on the fun.

We think it’s a great way to celebrate our four-legged friends so we rounded up a few tips for hosting a successful pet birthday party.

Here are a few ideas for fantastic furry fetes:

  • Remember your pet’s needs when you make the guest list. Dogs may not mind the company of other canines at their party but cats are less sociable and prefer the company of their favorite humans to other felines. When throwing a birthday party for your cat, ask your guests to leave their own pets at home and instead bring fun things to play with like yarn balls and ribbons.
  • Pick a good location. Cat parties can be held in the comfort of your home but dog parties can be a little more rowdy and should be held in fenced in backyards, dog parks, or other dog friendly spaces.
  • Choose a theme and decorate accordingly. Themes are a fun and creative way to make the party special. Pets can even dress in costume to fit the theme! We love the idea of a pet super hero party with pets dressed up as Batman or Superman!
  • Serve treats! Both pet and human party-goers will enjoy themed drinks and snacks made fresh for the occasion by you or your local pet bakery. We recommend a can of Precise pet food topped with an unlit candle for the full birthday cake effect!
  • Play games! Dogs will enjoy rousing games of tug-of-war or fetch while cats prefer chasing flashlights in dark rooms or playing with yarn.
  • Don’t forget the treat bags! At the end of your party, send your guests home with treat bags to remember the occasion. Fill decorative bags with a variety of treats for pets and humans too. You can even add a toy or ball into the bag as well.

Have you ever thrown a birthday bash for your pet? Comment on this post to share your stories with fellow pet owners!


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