Five Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

We say it all the time—our pets are a part of our family. Their sweet meows, sloppy kisses, barks, and goofy antics make our personal social media channels adorable, and our phone storage very low. We constantly seek to capture the sweet things they do, commemorating each milestone our sweet fur babies make. Their birthdays should be no different! This week, the Precise team has conjured up five ways that you can make your pet’s birthday a pawesome one!

#1: Homemade Goodness

On our birthdays, we get cake. On your pet’s birthday, go the extra mile and make some homemade tasty treats! Check out a recent blog post we wrote on simple DIY pet recipes that both your feline and canine will love! Interested in switching things up? Pinterest has a ton of pet-friendly at-home recipes for your pet…like these pupcakes!

#2: Get Them a Birthday Gift

Your pet’s toy box is probably looking a bit outdated…or destroyed from playing too hard! Revamp their playful selection by either making DIY pet toys, or buying them new gear to toss! Your pet will be so excited to have a new fetch ball or scratching post to tackle!

#3: If it’s Hot, Grab the Ice

If your pet’s birthday is during the warm spring and summer months, a popsicle is just what they need. How do you make it? Simple. Grab some of your pet’s wet food and an ice cube tray. Fill the trays half way with your pet’s wet food. Fill the remainder with water. Freeze until solid. Then, go outside and let your pet cool down with a tasty, chilled popsicle!

#4: Lights, Camera, Cuteness

What’s the best way to commemorate an occasion? By capturing it! Grab your camera and get some photos of your precious pet on their special day. If you manage to get a shot of them each year, you’ll have a collection of images to last a lifetime. If your pet is comfortable, give them a birthday hat and party gear before taking the photo. See these photos for inspiration.

#5: Give Them an Extra Scoop of Wholesome Nutrition

You guessed it, we mean Precise. What better way to commemorate a year of happiness than an extra scoop of what keeps your pet healthy!

Get your pet’s special treat ready, fire up the candles (with your supervision), and sing your heart out to “happy birthday.” It’s your pet’s special day!

Mind you, many fur babies that have been adopted don’t have a birth “day” per say. After making a quick visit to the vet, the doctor should be able to tell you an around-about date that they were likely born (or, you could just celebrate for a week straight, just saying).  DOGust 1st also commemorates a universal birthday for all shelter dogs.

Does your pet have a birthday coming up? Tell us how you plan to celebrate in the comment box below!

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Three Tips for Training Your Pet Using Positive Reinforcement

Whether your pet is a newborn puppy, an old timer, or a hyperactive fluffy tornado, a little obedience training goes a long way with pet behavior. Teaching your pup basic commands is a wonderful opportunity to not only bond with your pet, but also to train them to behave. Though teaching your pet commands is no walk in the park, pet obedience allows more opportunities for adventure in public places (yes, like the park) to socialize with other animals and people. How do you get there? The Precise team has the answer: a little positive reinforcement.

#1. Give them some love!

When you were a kid and accomplished something, a huge hug always let you know that you had done well. The same goes for our furry friends. When your pup masters a command, be sure to show them some love, and give them a great big petting.

#2. Use an uplifting tone

As you’re petting your pup, be sure to praise them! Use an uplifting, cheery tone to assure them that they have accomplished their task! On the flipside, if your pet is becoming frustrated, and is having trouble understanding your commands, continue to use an encouraging tone. Try not to become frustrated and exude that in your voice. This will discourage your pet, and eventually stop them from performing the command.

#3. Grab the Healthy Habits Treats

Reward you pet each time they follow through with a command correctly with a treat. This continuous reinforcement will communicate to your pet that they have accomplished the command. Once your pet becomes a master at the command, you may begin to add on a second step (sit…stay; down…roll). Over time, be sure to reduce the number of times you reward your pet with a treat, but always continue to praise them with an uplifting tone and a pet for when they have accomplished the command.

Be sure to start with the basics. Keep in mind that these commands are new territory for your pet, and it may take some time for certain commands to stick. Positive reinforcement is the correct way to encourage your pet to follow through with obedience training. Be patient and continue to practice; they will learn to master these commands before you know it!

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How to Spring Clean Pet Messes

We love our pets. What we don’t love is the mess that can sometimes make it’s way into our homes. Whether it’s pet dander, accidents, feeding time, tracking dirt or plundering, we’ve witnessed and smelt it all. Now it’s time for some spring-cleaning action, and some tips on how to maintain your home with furry friends.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 3.05.34 PM

  • Is that pet hair? Or a new fur coat?:

Pet lovers and owners alike know all too well of the battle with the lint roller to remove pet dander from their clothes. To eliminate dander from your home, grab a pet friendly cleaning solution, and warm water. This combination will pick up what your duster and vacuum may leave behind! Purchasing a vacuum or lint remover specifically for pet dander removal will also help in your efforts.

Also, remember to look to the source. When your pet is regularly groomed, it can eliminate a lot of the dander! Grab a pet friendly brush with shaver, some pet shampoo, get outside and get to work!

  • Accidents happen:

And when they do, it’s never fun. If pets happen to relieve themselves inside of your home, be sure to clean the soiled area of the accident completely. Soak up the wet areas with paper towels repeatedly until the area is only damp. Then, clean the area with water and a pet odor neutralizer to eliminate the smell and stain. According to our friends at the American Humane Society, if your pet continues to smell their scent, they will return to the same area for round two. A helpful tip is to grab your urine soaked paper towels, and to put them inside of your pet’s litter box, or outdoor bathroom area to remind them of where to go when nature calls!

  • Spilling over the Precise:

Our pets love digging into their favorite formulas when it comes to feeding time, but unfortunately, sometimes their excitement spills over to the floor. The solution could be simpler than you think; your pet may need a new food bowl to accommodate their size or eating habits! Scroll down and check out our blog posts on pet bowls to help find a bowl that’s right for your pet! 

  • When outside becomes inside—Tracking in dirt:

If it’s been a rainy day or week, there is no avoiding the mud your pet will climb through to have some time outdoors. It’s time to stop them in their tracks…literally. Creating your own mittens for your pet’s feet may do the trick, or simply keep a towel, or pet mat at the door to clean them off before they come inside to rest. Let’s leave the paw prints forever in your heart, and not on the carpet!

What are your tips for cleaning up pet messes?

Image Credit: Pixabay

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Mailbag: Pet health questions for Dr. Drapela

Each month, Marnee White, who knows Precise like the back of her hand, will answer questions we get through our customer service e-mails and phone calls.

Q: I have a question about my pet’s health. Can you help?

A: Our on-staff veterinarian Dr. Lisa Drapela is available to answer questions about your dog or cat’s health. Whether you’re wondering about the right Precise formula for your pet, or have a general health question, visit the Ask Our Vet section on our website to connect directly with Dr. Drapela. We’ll feature some of her answers here on The Dish.

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Great Dane Lady Approved: Pet safety in the scorching summer heat

The Great Dane Lady, Linda Arndt, has more than 38 years of experience as a canine nutritional consultant and breeder. In our Great Dane Lady Approved series, Linda will talk about her research and work with Precise. You can explore Linda’s website at

Our pets are our best friends and with hotter weather approaching, just a reminder that heat can kill your pets. Never leave your dogs or cats in the car for any length of time, even if the windows are cracked.

Perhaps summer is not the time to take your pets with you when you run errands due to the potential deaths from over heating and it does not take long or much for this to happen. The temperature inside of a vehicle with four windows cracked can reach 108 degrees with an outside temperature of 83 degrees.

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Pet news roundup – 11/19/10

Here on The Dish, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the pet food industry. We’ll have a mix of articles, statistics, news and fun facts from a variety of pet industry sources and Twitter.

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