How to Make a DIY Dog First-Aid Kit

dog travel

With the holiday season upon us, families take to the road and travel to see friends and family for the holiday often carrying their dog in tow. To make sure your pooch is safe while traveling, it’s important that every pet owner have a pet First-Aid Kit for the road. Here’s what to include in your easy do-it-yourself doggy first-aid kit:

First and foremost, it is important to learn how to securely restrain your dog in a vehicle. You make sure your kids are buckled before driving away, so why not you’re your pet. There are a wide number of pet car-restraint products on the market and it’s important to invest in one so to protect your pet incase of an unforeseen accident.

Next, you will need to purchase a first aid manual for pets. There are some great guides out there including one put out by the American Red Cross (they even have an app now!). In addition you should write down the name and locations of nearby veterinary hospitals, while also having the phone number for the pet poison control hotline. The ASPCA operates a 24-hour Animal Poison Control Center helpline at (888) 426-4435.

Now onto the supplies. Your doggie first aid kit should include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Bandages
  • small scissors
  • hydrogen peroxide for accidental poisoning (check with poison control hotline before administering)
  • styptic swabs (to stop any bleeding)
  • tape or stretchy wrap
  • ear thermometer
  • wash cloths and mild liquid soap
  • water and clean bowls


Now that your first aid kit is together, it’s time to hit the road! Safe Travels!

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What’s In A Tail Wag?

Most people believe that the wagging tail of a dog expresses excitement. In truth, the direction and manner in which dogs wave their tail can convey a variety of attitudes according to researchers. Check out this info graphic from PETA that breaks down the meanings of some of the most common pet behaviors.

pet tail wags

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

senior dog

After celebrating ‘Adopt a shelter dog’ month in October, November gives us another reason to celebrate our furry friends with ‘Adopt a senior pet month’. ‘Adopt a senior pet month’ strives to spread awareness of the fact that many senior pets fill rescues and shelters but the majority goes un-adopted. Most often, older animals are left behind in shelters, as individuals and families want an animal that they can raise and have for a long time. Any dog seven years or older is considered a “senior”, and though they do not get adopted as much as their puppy or kitten counterparts, older pets often adapt very easily to new surroundings, are generally calmer than the younger pets, and are often already housebroken. You should use this month to spread the word on why it’s awesome to have an older pet!

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Upcoming Event: Doggie Dash & Dawdle

Animal Humane

Sunday, November 2nd, the 32nd Annual Doggie Dash & Dawdle will be held at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque. This is Animal Humane New Mexico’s signature event with over 4,500 human participants and 2,000 canines! The proceeds from the event will benefit the cats and dogs in Animal Humane’s care and other community programs. Tom Ruha, Precise Territory Sales Representative, will be there with samples and information about our terrific Precise Products. Walk or run, but come out for a day of fun for pets and people. The fun starts at 8 am.

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Happy National Cat Day!

cat day

Happy National Cat Day, everyone! This feline holiday was founded by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige to raise public awareness on the number of cats that need to be rescued each year, and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate their feline friends for the unconditional love and companionship they give.

Take some time today to celebrate the puuurrfect pet in your life by giving them a new toy, some yarn to play with, or even a gratifying belly rub!

And just for fun, check out these 10 fun cat facts!

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Trending Video: Spider Dog

Halloween is next week and if you haven’t seen this viral spider dog video, then you are in for a treat! Polish prankster, Sa Wardega, dressed his dog up in a giant spider costume and captured the action as the “giant spider” scared it’s unsuspecting victims at night! Enjoy.


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Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Pet Costumes

Halloween pet costumes have become increasing popular and the costume possibilities are endless. So we want to know, what will you dress up your furry friend as this year? Will you go with the hot dog? A dinosaur? Batman? Can’t decide…we’ve got you covered. Scroll through these adorable and funny pet pictures for some inspriation or check out this list of the most popular pet costumes!

Once you’ve selected the perfect Halloween outfit for your pet, take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook and in our Pet Zone!

cat halloween
dog cheerleader
pet halloween 1

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Pet Tales: Precise Endurance Formula Provides Dogs With A Winning Edge

Here at Precise, we want to hear from our community. Our Pet Tales blog posts come directly from customers who have submitted stories about their experience with Precise products.

Allen Vincent writes:

I am a professional bird dog trainer and kennel operator headquartered in Collinsville Oklahoma. I train Pointers and English setters and compete on the major field trial circuit in open all breed trials. The arena in which I compete is the highest level of competition for bird dogs, and I have had considerable success.

I travel to 15 to 20 trials a year from Canada to Texas and east to Florida. My summer months are spent training on the prairies of North Dakota along the Canadian border. Every summer we load the dogs and horses and head north for two months or more. I then return to my kennel in Oklahoma where I also train dogs. In addition to field trial dogs, I also train several hunting dogs. The month of January is spent in the South Georgia/North Florida area, training dogs on some of the area’s famous plantations in preparation of the Continental and Florida Championships.

I have fed my dogs the Precise Endurance Formula for the last 10 years or so and believe it has been a major factor in the success of my dogs on the field trial circuit. I have found I can feed less than I did with other brands and the dogs do extremely well on it. With this formula, you have the ability to control the weight of your canine athlete very easily. My dogs also have the extra energy to compete in endurance stakes without fading at the end. It puts that ‘little extra’ in the tank required to give the winning edge.”



Thanks for sharing, Allen! We are thrilled that Precise Pet Products helps keep you dogs a step above the competition! If you have a Precise Pet Tale that you would like to share, leave us a comment and we will reach out to you for more information!

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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

fat cat

Did you know that over 54 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese? That’s almost 100 million pets!

Today, Wednesday, October 8th, is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. We at Precise would like to educate you on what effects obesity can have on your pets’ health, and how you can help your furry friend shed those puppy or kitty pounds.

Most of the nation’s pets are overweight, and a majority of their owners are blind to the issue. Obesity by itself is classified as a disease, but the health conditions associated with obesity reveal the heart of the epidemic’s impact on pets: Osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, joint injury, various forms of cancer and decreased life expectancy are all linked to obesity in pets.

Here’s what you can do if your dog or cat is overweight:

  • Consult your veterinarian, who will help you evaluate your pets’ weight, and give you an idea of how much weight your pet needs to lose.
  • Monitor the changes in diet. It’s a good idea to keep a daily record of what you’re feeding your pet and the amount of exercise he or she is getting. You must also cut out all unhealthy and fattening treats in its diet, and replace them with healthier ones. (Our Healthy Habit Treats are a good option!)
  • Plan a regular exercise program for your pet and monitor its weight loss at least once a week.
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Upcoming Event: Allie’s 4th Annual Animal Appreciation Day

On Saturday, October 11, Allie’s Feed & Tack in North Kingston, RI, will be hosting their 4th Annual Animal Appreciation Day to celebrate and promote many great animal causes. There will be carriage and pony rides, great food, and a huge tent sale featuring your favorite pet products. Alyssa Crosby will be there representing Precise. Bring your family and friends and come enjoy a day of good food, family fun, and lots of animals!

Alyssa Crosby is a Northeastern territory sales manager at Precise Pet Products and can be reached at

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